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database program for telemarketer
By hoodle on Jul 25
Max Bid: Open to fair suggestions

Tutorial Creation using our software package
By Duane Miller on Jul 24
Max Bid: $50

coin flipping code
By zman0131 on Jul 24
Max Bid: $10

Poker hand Identify
By escaladedub2 on Jul 24
Max Bid: $50

get PXES to work with Winconnect with sound and so ...
By netprep on Jul 24
Max Bid: Open to fair suggestions

Need a database web driven where a user enter thei ...
By gameday30 on Jul 24
Max Bid: Open to fair suggestions

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About Jhome EL

Name: Jhome EL 
  in jerusalem, il
Seller Rating:  10 (Excellent)
(see 27 ratings)
Sign up date: Feb 8, 2002 8:21:35 AM EDT
Last Logged In:  Jun 27, 2003 2:56:55 AM EDT

Current Record:
Non-cancelled:  53 Bid Requests
Bids Accepted On:  53 Bid Requests
Work Accepted and Paid:  51 Bid Requests

Security Verifications:  Excellent
Completed verifications:

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'Non-action' Ratio:
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(Below Average - 54.17%)

This buyer did not select a coder on 39 out of 72 bid requests which is more non-actions than the average buyer (who does so on 48.86%). Private auctions are not counted in these stats.

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Arbitrations Lost:  (out of 3 Arbitrations)
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Rent A Coder Bid Request History
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Rated For Rated By Rating Rated On
  Bonus for contactsmartit on 6/27/2003 2:58:24 AM contactsmartit None Given June 27, 2003 2:59:00 AM EDT
  Bonus for Wi3Girls on 6/17/2003 5:18:50 PM Wi3Girls None Given June 17, 2003 5:20:09 PM EDT
  Private auction for Wi3Girls on 4/29/2003 9:40:46 PM Wi3Girls 10
April 29, 2003 10:02:34 PM EDT
  Marry me! ehhehehe
  Bonus for dataholic on 4/24/2003 3:37:26 PM dataholic None Given April 24, 2003 3:39:27 PM EDT
  yahoo edit profile GribFritz 10
April 16, 2003 9:52:28 PM EDT
  msn profile editor GribFritz 10
April 12, 2003 2:26:05 AM EDT
  Private auction for wi3 on 4/6/2003 9:44:47 AM Wi3Girls None Given April 10, 2003 10:56:58 AM EDT
  encrypt asp page timk98 10
March 6, 2003 8:24:20 AM EDT
  Very quick response, and was a pleasure to work with!
  Bonus for wi3 on 2/27/2003 8:20:41 PM Wi3Girls None Given February 27, 2003 8:24:44 PM EDT
  Bonus for wi3 on 2/27/2003 5:01:09 AM Wi3Girls None Given February 27, 2003 5:04:49 AM EDT
  AOL CHAT NAME COLLECTOR ralphy None Given January 6, 2003 6:29:01 PM EDT
  Socks4/5 sample bramp 10
December 27, 2002 9:50:46 PM EDT
  Buyer is trustworthy, generally a good experience for me.
  Private auction for bramp on 12/26/2002 2:45:45 PM bramp 10
December 27, 2002 9:48:53 PM EDT
  Very easy to code for this person since he has programming skills also so he can tell you exactly how he wants it.

  Bonus for ermetica on 10/31/2002 12:33:59 PM ermetica None Given October 31, 2002 12:38:03 PM EDT
  Bonus for tchully on 10/18/2002 7:08:46 PM abracadabra None Given October 18, 2002 7:11:54 PM EDT
  Bonus for ermetica on 10/18/2002 10:53:16 AM ermetica None Given October 18, 2002 10:59:52 AM EDT
  Bonus for ermetica on 10/3/2002 4:04:31 PM ermetica None Given October 3, 2002 4:08:16 PM EDT
  Private auction for zmic on 9/16/2002 3:07:19 PM zmic None Given October 2, 2002 8:19:48 AM EDT
  FTP get Folder Name Aycan Yerbozan 10
September 30, 2002 7:27:29 AM EDT
  Great buyer , fast and reliable. Definetly want to work with him again
  Bonus for ermetica on 9/27/2002 11:06:55 AM ermetica None Given September 27, 2002 11:09:40 AM EDT
  Redirect page on ASP with HREF Condition maxxsoft None Given September 23, 2002 1:55:43 PM EDT
  While others did not got the question or were to eagar to win this bid I concetrated on doing what this buyer was actully in need. Addititnal chat made things clear for both of us. I would definitly be more then glad to work for this buyer again.
  Urgent Help With JavaScript And ASP ermetica 10
September 21, 2002 3:01:51 PM EDT
  Cool man. I like working with him.
  Bonus for ermetica on 9/19/2002 12:44:55 PM ermetica None Given September 19, 2002 12:47:31 PM EDT
  FTP get Folder List And Rename Folder Name mwade None Given September 16, 2002 2:02:52 PM EDT
  add proxy to irc bot Smashing1 None Given September 7, 2002 2:45:55 PM EDT
  Bonus for Hirdhāv on 8/29/2002 1:13:33 PM Hirdhāv 10
August 29, 2002 1:20:09 PM EDT
  hey thanks for the warm comments for me.. your also the best.. this buyer never loses the contact with past coders.. and if u do best then u will get work from this buyer.. never hurt this buyer.. hey thanks man.. ur gr8 :)
  Private auction for Randy McCleary on 8/29/2002 2:03:46 AM Randy McCleary 10
August 29, 2002 3:46:48 AM EDT
  An Excellent buyer to work with. I would highly recommend him to all the top coders on this site. Thanks, Again.
  Bonus for tchully on 8/21/2002 9:15:38 AM abracadabra 10
August 21, 2002 9:30:43 AM EDT
  Yoni always the best. I think that I don't have more words to describe how much I like to work with him. Thanks!
  fast ASP work for the next hour ONLY Randy McCleary 10
August 3, 2002 11:01:45 PM EDT
  An excellent buyer to work with. It took us awhile to figure out what the error was after i completed the code, but we worked together and contacted the webhost and finally got it all figured out. I would recommend this buyer to all the top coders here on this site. Thanks, again.
  Bonus for tchully on 8/3/2002 6:42:39 PM abracadabra 10
August 3, 2002 6:51:58 PM EDT
  Yoni was great as always! He's the best and funny byer I've ever have! :) Thanks and let's keep working together!
  Bonus for tchully on 7/26/2002 10:13:02 AM abracadabra 10
July 26, 2002 10:19:30 AM EDT
  Always a pleasure to work with yoni! Thanks
  Bonus for tchully on 7/23/2002 2:47:15 PM abracadabra 10
July 23, 2002 2:52:40 PM EDT
  Thanks for this yoni! You are the best.
  Private auction for tchully on 7/13/2002 8:05:47 AM abracadabra 10
July 23, 2002 2:50:36 PM EDT
  Was great to work with Yoni again! Thanks for being a great byer!
  Private auction for Hirdhâv on 6/28/2002 10:05:34 AM Hirdhāv 10
July 19, 2002 5:25:13 AM EDT
  Once again.. proved.. he is an excellent buyer.. always welcomes new idea from the coder.. helps coder if coder is not able to find any thing.. if code stuck up with some thing.. then this buyer helps coder to find the way.. I would like to work with this buyer again.. Its a dream buyer and very friendly..
  Bonus for WGenik on 7/17/2002 12:57:06 PM <big><font color='&HFF2222'>WKG Software</font></big> None Given July 17, 2002 12:58:33 PM EDT
  Msn Messenger OCX bot Fix or Add Function <big><font color='&HFF2222'>WKG Software</font></big> 10
July 14, 2002 4:11:43 PM EDT
  This buyer knew exactly what he wanted, and was able to convey the idea to me clearly and quickly. I found him to be very easy to work with and hope to have the same opportunity again in the future. Thanks a lot!
  Bonus for WGenik on 7/14/2002 4:05:51 PM <big><font color='&HFF2222'>WKG Software</font></big> None Given July 14, 2002 4:07:16 PM EDT
  Private auction for privateryan on 7/1/2002 10:38:50 AM privateryan 10
July 3, 2002 2:23:46 PM EDT
  Excellent I have worked with this buyer on a few occasions and each time I am impressed with his level of commitment to the project.
  Flash Animation abracadabra 10
June 27, 2002 3:30:10 AM EDT
  Yoni was great! Very pacient and knew what wants from the very beginning of the project. Really great! You should work with this great buyer! I will if I have the change! Thanks!
  Hirdhāv (bonus) Hirdhāv 10
June 11, 2002 8:59:39 AM EDT
  Excellent.. I would like to work with this buyer again and again and again and again...
  Msn Chat Room Protocols AndrewK None Given June 7, 2002 2:59:47 PM EDT
  1 ASP page needed + AutoEmail Hirdhāv 10
May 30, 2002 2:32:06 AM EDT
  Excellent Buyer.. Very good communication skill.. And support coder in any way.. I would like to work with this buyer again and again and again....
  AOL OR MSN OR YAHOO CHAT ROOMS IMS -•(Prestige Software Design)•- -•(Roy M)•- -•(Brandon P)•- -•(Tony R)•- -•(Tony L)•- -•(Masta)•- -•(TRiPP)•- -•(Luke S)•- -•(Poop)•- -•(Magus)•- -•(Justin V)•- -•(Ren)•- -•(Neo Viper)•- -•(Trench)•- -•(Havok)•- -•(McGuyver)•- -•(Base Assault)•- -•(ZzZz)•- 10
May 24, 2002 10:49:04 PM EDT
  This has got to be the most easy going and understanding person I have ever met in my life. I would LOVE to work on any futre porjects for this customer.
  Evaluation And Open Key app saseow 10
May 19, 2002 9:33:55 AM EDT
  Very nice to work with and is very helpful and knows what he wants. Extremely prompt payment. Will work with him anytime.
  Bonus for Alboaie Sînică on 5/7/2002 5:35:35 PM Alboaie Sînică 10
May 7, 2002 6:14:17 PM EDT
  Find The Bug And Fix IT(for Alboaie Sînică) Alboaie Sînică None Given April 23, 2002 5:45:38 PM EDT
  Private auction for Nikita Golowitsyn on 4/19/2002 3:18:47 PM Nikita Golowitsyn 10
April 22, 2002 10:26:56 AM EDT
I wrote application and got money without any problem. I have very clear task description.
  Private auction for privateryan on 4/13/2002 3:08:10 PM privateryan 10
April 16, 2002 11:25:30 AM EDT
  This buyer is a dream to code for. He provides detailed specification on his projects and is always open to discussion. He is also very understanding when problems arise. I genuinely enjoyed working with this buyer and hope to do so again in the not too distant future.
  Send Text To AIM Chat Rooms(fixed) peace101 None Given April 7, 2002 11:29:44 AM EDT
  Bonus for peace101 on 5/5/2002 3:50:39 PM peace101 None Given  EDT
  Bonus for Alboaie Sînică on 5/24/2002 5:56:43 PM Alboaie Sînică None Given  EDT
  Bonus for Nikita Golowitsyn on 4/22/2002 10:13:06 AM Nikita Golowitsyn None Given  EDT
Average:   10.00
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