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1) Signup and put links on your web site
2) A buyer clicks through
3) Get Credited and get paid!

Affiliate FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
3 Get Credited and Get Paid

     After a buyer chooses a coder and accepts the work, you will receive another email notifying you that your account was credited.

   All credits accumulate until the credit cutoff date of your choosing arrives (either the middle of the month, the end of the month or both).  We then pay you that total on or before the following 7th day. You can choose to be paid via one of 3 different methods of payment...PayPal, Western Union or snail-mail check.  You can also choose to not have the payment sent to you until your account reaches a certain $ threshold amount, just like a coder payment.

   At any time you can view your affiliate account funds by going to "Affiliate account" on the left hand menu under affiliates.

  You can also view your affiliate pipeline by going to "Affiliate pipeline" on the left hand menu in the same section.