Rent A Coder Help

Custom Software Sellers

1) Receive bid request from buyer
(or find bid request online)
2) Make a bid
3) Do the work.
File weekly status reports.
Send end product to buyer.
4) Buyer approves work
5) Receive payment
6) Rate Buyer

Software Coder FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
Receive Bid Request

   You can learn of new bid requests in a number of ways. 

    The "Newest Bid Requests" ticker shows the latest and greatest jobs posted.

     ...or you can also do a browse by category, targeted search, or see the newest work by clicking the appropriate link in the "Custom Software Coders" menu on the left hand side of the page.

   ...finally, you can sign up for the daily newsletter, and receive a complete list of all new bid requests in your email inbox. You can do this when you register as a coder, or any time afterwards by going into 'my account' (under 'custom software coders' on the left hand side of any page) and then clicking on the 'bid notifications' link in the coder submenu.