Rent A Coder Help

Custom Software Sellers

1) Receive bid request from buyer
(or find bid request online)
2) Make a bid
3) Do the work.
File weekly status reports.
Send end product to buyer.
4) Buyer approves work
5) Receive payment
6) Rate Buyer

Software Coder FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
Receive Payment

     When the buyer accepts your work, you'll be notified.

  Your account will be credited with the escrow amount minus the Rent a Coder Fee. All credits accumulate in your account until the credit cutoff date of your choosing arrives (either the middle of the month, the end of the month or both).  We then pay you that total on or before the following 7th day. (Note that you can also choose to not be paid, until your account goes above some amount that you specify). You can choose to have payments sent to you via PayPal, snail mail or Western Union. There is a small postage and handling fee charged for snail mail payments and a handling fee for Western Union payments (see the 2nd page of the coder registration for details).