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Welcome to the code bin. So what is the 'Code Bin' then? This section of the site is for partially completed projects, small sample files and examples - the stuff thats either not worthy of an article or tutorial, or code that is still useful yet I haven't been bothered to write up a tutorial for it (yet!)...

Should you have something you feel fits in here then feel free to email me about it

IMPORTANT: The Code included within these examples is for reference only, you are free to rip them to shreds and use whatever you find useful, but the actual idea (if a game) and design are copyright (©) of the original author - should you wish to take up the project and try and complete it you must contact the relevant person (or persons) first.

Hardware Shadow Maps using Direct3D 8 (249kb)
- Visual Basic 6, Direct3D8
- Status: Complete, a few bugs.
- A converted sample showing how to use NVidia's hardware accelerated shadow maps.

Full-screen Motion Blurring using D3D8.0 and VB (148kb)
- Converted by Jack Hoxley
- Status: Complete
- Visual Basic 6, Direct3D8
- A conversion from C++ to VB of the full-screen blurring sample presented in the book "Real-Time Rendering Tricks and Techniques in DirectX" by Kelly Dempski. See Readme.txt in the archive for further details.

DirectX7 Tutorials upgraded to work with DirectX8 (936kb)
- Written by Marius Schmidt
- Status: Complete
- Visual Basic 6, Direct3D8
- Two popular DirectX7 (The error class and 3D camera movement) have been updated for use in DirectX8. 

nth Degree Patches (315kb)
- Written by Jack Hoxley
- Status: Complete
- Visual Basic 6, Direct3D8
- An extended version of this tutorial here on cubic patches. This version extends it to 'n' degree polynomials, eg, beyond cubic... anything above 10th degree is very slow though (50th degree takes 45mins on my 700mhz Athlon!)

The Man With The Digital Gun (1.83mb)
- Written/Designed by Jack Hoxley
- Incomplete (on pause)
- Visual Basic 6, DirectX 7
- Also the beginnings of a promising game, using a Direct3D isometric landscaping engine. Time and interests ran out for this project as well however, it may return...

Auto-Z using DirectDraw7 (2.5mb) Updated Version here (787kb)
- Written by James Kramer
- Visual Basic 6, DirectX 7
- An example of how to use Z-Ordering in a 2D Game (ie, some things behind others), useful for adventure games/RPG's. NB: whilst this demo isn't particularly _bad_ it does use an animation of a women in only a bikini (just letting you know in case you don't like that sort of thing!).

Real-time Image Manipulation Demo (158kb)
- Written by Thomas Hatfield
- Visual Basic 6, DirectX7
- A good example of doing real-time bump-mapping without any hardware, using DirectDraw7. Even if it does prove to be a little too slow for any heavy-special effects it will improve your understanding of a very clever graphical technique...

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