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PHP,computer job, software job, career, companies, employment, programming job, employment, find a job, find job, find jobs, find resumes, free job posting
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Bubble Sort Algorithm
By Alberto Sartori on 10/2

Click here to see a screenshot of this code!PHP Pinger
By Michael Bailey on 10/1

(Screen Shot)

A timed greeting
By Hell_Freezer on 10/1

Email Validator
By Bhushan Paranjpe on 10/1

Quck Sort function
By Bhushan Paranjpe on 10/1

bubble sort
By Bhushan Paranjpe on 10/1

Binary search
By Bhushan Paranjpe on 10/1

Easy to learn: [Calculator]
By PWFilms on 9/27

Meunity Community System 1.0
By Zack Coburn on 9/26

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Featured PHP Jobs
Data Entry/Typists
Bradford, Ohio US
HELP WANTED! NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY! Dat a Entry, Typists and Compiling Assistants A merican Secretarial Services,(a secretarial and office personnel staffing agency), has several openings available in this area. We are seeking only honest...

Online Game
Hickory, North Carolina US
Well, we are looking for a coder for our online game. It is like Zelda(c). We will explain more, please email me at jman9912@yahoo. com or contact me at jman9912 on aim.

Applications Software Engineer
Colorado Springs, CO US
Web developer for the Integrated Data Center at the Joint National Integration Center. Experience with My QSL, PHP, Dreamweaver and data warehousing required. Must have or qualify for a secret security clearance.

General Position Description...

Web Developer, 02VA(CJIS/SED)3 12
reston, VA US
PEC Solutions, Inc. (PEC) is one of the region’s strongest and most dynamic systems solutions providers. PEC specializes in the acquisition, design, engineering, evaluation, and development of advanced IT systems and data communications networks for...


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