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Bubble Sort Algorithm Simple bubble sort algorithm.
PHP Pinger The PHP Pinger is designed as GUI interface for the common network utility, ping. The pinger allows the user to ping any number of servers at once and monitor their performance with a dynamically generated graph (graph supported in IE6 only) and various diagnostic variables.
A timed greeting code, that says good morning if the time is before 12pm and good afternoon is time is after 12am
Email Validator Email Validator check to see if an email address is in the proper format or not.
Quck Sort function Quck Sort function.
bubble sort simple bubble sort
Binary search Binary search algorithm function. Takes an array as an argument and the element to be searched for in the array. Returns '1' if found, '0' if not. The code can be modified slightly to return the array index of the found element.
Easy to learn: [Calculator] This code is a very easy way to teach you post variables and simple php. It uses math equasions, and its just overall a simple little calculator. You can check it out in action at this location. Have fun.
Meunity Community System 1.0 This review is for the new system, Meunity Community System, which is hosted on SourceForge, at
Calendar This script displays a calendar (built out of a table) for the specified month and year, and allows you to skip forward and backwards between months. This is a small component of another (larger) project of mine.
Week Days With these code you may retrieve the week days between two given dates.
Dear Planet Source Code Users Please read. Ian likes this letter by me.
Search_It Search_It was created to provide an easy to install search utility capable of handling filesystem and database searches on UNIX and Windows based platforms. This package is aimed at supporting the small to medium sized web site.
Date Picker or Pocket Calendar Popup date picker. To choose date from date picker or pocket calendar. I developed it using PHP. I hope it could help. Don't hesitate to email me if you need to do so.
kaldown kaldown give you possibility to : + count number of hits on your files (or your links) + view time of latest hit + view IP of latest person who hit a link + address like :
Basics of PHP This tutorial provides any beginner with the basic skills required to start programming in PHP.
VC - Virtual Chatter The vc is a virtual chat partner. you can ask him things in full sentences and he answers. i put in some nice other extras. for example he collects user informations etc. this is the right tool for a webpage to help users to navigate. theres a helpfile in the zip. please remember the copyright informations
Tom's Corkboard Tom’s Corkboard is PHP package I designed to provide a forum environment with a different vibe. Posts appears as though they are new 'sticky notes' on a Corkboard by the 'fridge or in the office. To preview the code in action, visit
previous next(working)updated already i set this code up to keep from having to rewrite sql code. as well as a having previous next on my search results. this code could be expanded on for many other things. this should cut your code way down. on repeating mysql statements. this is just my version for previous next. i have not found any bugs in it as of yet except now and then there may be a blank page at the end of results. of your max results is only 1 then the last page will be blank. i have only tested to 25 and else it seems to work fine. let me know of any bugs you see in it and find other than what i stated. i have fixed the blank page at the end on some listing by using $pages=ceil($num_result1/$max); rather than using number_format();this should be exceptional now.
Stream mp3 files over the net using apache and a web browser. Look at the SC. Colors can be changed. stream mp3 files securely over the net using apache and a web browser. I was looking for a good stream script but came up with empty hands. Here is the result!

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