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Latest Code Ticker for Java/ Javascript
By Joe Vaughn on 11/29

By Geniusbob Xu Qiang on 11/27

Click here to see a screenshot of this code!Salary
By Vikram Ivatury on 11/25

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Click here to see a screenshot of this code!A (part10) Powerful Swing Code to Maintain CD Database
By James Smith K on 11/25

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String Calculator
By MadokaCoder on 11/24

Chobi Dekha
By ShuvoRim on 11/23

Click here to see a screenshot of this code!A basic Client Server application II
By Ronald Holland on 11/23

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By darren kurn on 11/22

By Owolabi Oyapero on 11/22

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'Ask a Java/ Javascript Pro' Discussion Forum

Got a question?  Ask the Java/ Javascript Pros! 
Or if you're a pro yourself, jump on into the discussion!

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Coding Standards  
11:21:30 PM 
Joshua D. Hyrman
Ido (treker) 
Mahesh Vhatkar 
Sam Moses The Old Account 
Java Programming/Coding Q&A;  
11:56:55 PM 
Joshua D. Hyrman
Pnut V 
Mahesh Vhatkar 
Ido (treker) 
Sam Moses The Old Account 
JavaScript Programming/Coding  
11:50:59 PM 
Pnut V
Sam Moses The Old Account 
11:48:39 PM 
Sam Moses The Old Account
Pnut V 
Joshua D. Hyrman 
Mahesh Vhatkar 
7:35:54 PM 
Joshua D. Hyrman
Sam Moses The Old Account 
Mahesh Vhatkar 
Derek Haas 
Ido (treker) 
11:40:52 PM 
Sam Moses The Old Account
Joshua D. Hyrman 
Mahesh Vhatkar 
Ido (treker) 

About the Pros
Are you a pro and interested in helping others as well as earning a little recognition? Become a volunteer discussion board moderator by emailing your qualifications to us!

Derek Haas

I'm an 18 year old obsessive programmer from New Jersey.

Ido (treker)

As a 16-year old, I've worked on professional web sites, CGI/Perl, C/C++ (including Win32API/MFC/DirectX SDK), Delphi, ASP/VbScript, and Visual Basic projects, as well as in other languages (most of which are sections on this site). I have exhausted my school's six-year computer science curriculum in less than two years and would gladly help anyone in need of assistance. Yes, even in school, work, or personal projects. Donations are completely optional...
Columbia is SPECTACULAR!

Joshua D. Hyrman

I do most of my programming in PHP, with occasional dabblings in VB and Java. I am working on learning C++ in my few moments of spare time, and would also like to learn advanced C and some Assembly stuff. I am studying (also in my spare time) for my A+ Certification, and am currently a licensed amatuer radio operator (KC9CCX), although I don't have a rig yet so you won't hear me anywhere. I run my own small-time webserver (Omnicron HTTPd, excellent), mail server (ArGoSoft SMTPd), FTP server (GuildFTPd), and I am working on (also in my spare time) building an IRC3 server in Java.

Mahesh Vhatkar

I am Specialist in Java,EJB,CORBA,JSP, Servlets, Visual Basics, Ms Sql Server, C, C++, Javascript, Perl,

Pnut V

I started making programs at the age of 8 in QBasic 1.0 (ah...the good ol' days). 3rd grade was fun, but now I've moved on to greater and more advanced adventures. For the past 9 years I have progressively moved through QBasic, VisualBasic, C, C++, Borland C++ Builder, PHP, Perl, MySQL, ASP, VBScript, HTML, Visual C++, JavaScript, Java and more. I was the eBusiness development technician for Coca-Cola Enterprises and also run my own website based out of Perl and MySQL. I love volunteering and do so on multiple sites. I also enjoy fine dinners and long walks on the beach...

Sam Moses The Old Account

I am an enterprise web developer with six years of solid industry experience on private sector and government projects.

I call myself an information developer, because I hate being called a web designer.

Over the last several months I have been working on the single most ambitious project of my career (so far). The project: create a completely new scripting language for dynamic web sites that will offer developers an alternative. We called it Shorthand. It's a basic inspired language that is similar to Vbscript or PHP, and is exceptionally easy to learn.

The web site is up and running at

It's official. Shorthand 1.0 is now available.

Complete documentation has been completed.

Shorthand Run Time Engine 0.9.7 for IIS Released!
It's official, we have cookie support and SSI.

Shorthand Run Time Engine 0.9.4 for Apache Released!
The guys and I are inching ever closer to the 1.0 mark. The latest release covers Apache on Windows 32 and Linux.
Stay tuned...

Shorthand Run Time Engine 0.9.1 Alpha for IIS Released!
It is available with some documentation and samples from the Shorthand Developer's Group at
To subscribe send and e-mail to


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