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PageViewer This is a very simple framework for displaying images or documents from the web browser. This is useful when the files to display are stored locally (i.e. CD-ROM). Dump the files to display into "./pages". Modify the script "./source/ArrayPages.js" by specifying the total number of pages and the order and location of each element in the array. A warning message is displayed if the user disables javascript or the browser is too old.
A (part11) Oracle with Java using J2EE Architecture This had always been the most Complicated Subject to Handle Beacuse of Improper and Bad Documentations available over the net and Books u read , Thats one of the Reasons i delayed in writing in This Article and Most of the books never seem to answer your question. Oracle J2EE Setup is something which requires TEAM WORK and u should have very good relation with ur DBA , The man who setup your Oracle Server complete Article Available at my site
Shaking The Browser Screen this code shakes the browser screen by two simple java script functions
Solitaire Mahjongg Solitaire Mahjongg ( is a tile-matching game written in html and javascript (dhtml). It offers all the options for advanced gameplay (unlimited undo, moves counter and hints option). Solitaire Mahjongg probably is the world's smallest Taipei type game: Its code weighs only 16.4 kb; its overall size (including all images) is less than 120 kb. So loading time even for slow modem connections is short.
Puzzle game It's a game , In which u have to sort the numbers using the star button. example: if u press the above star button the number gets swapped with star.Like wise u have to sort the all numbers.
Make ENTER work as TAB this code make ENTER work as TAB when the user press ENTER than it moves to next control then same as u press TAB and it goes to next control
Color Personality Test MX Version1.2BETA This color personality test programe was according to Dr. Max Luscher. It's effectiveness has been known in advertising, automotive and the fashion industry for years. Now you can gain some insight on your inner struggles and problems with this highly effective color test. In this javascript version color test you can do either one-run test without AI or two-run test with AI evaluation system. The two-run test usually have a high accurate rate of over 90%. [[[Try it FiRST at-->]]]<<>>
JKcool ticker this is a news ticker that uses sed to parse the news website. the amount of times the site ticker gets updated is directly related to how many users are connected to the ticker and outputs the files and then the ticker reads from the ticker server. I wrote the client in VB and the server is in Java I have a Java client somewhere if I find it I will post it too. I wrote this long ago and I don't remember the TCP ports
JKcool Radio This program takes audio from the microphone and will output the data to port 5656 to the client program and then output the sound to the client. It works well on a local network but the internet stream seems to have an issue Later versions I may remove the bufferedstream to see if that makes a difference. this should work with java and does not reqire JMF instead it uses javax.sound.sampled.*;
Java P2P server/client I created this as my final project for Java 1 in college it is a file sharing program for small networks of file sharing. I HAVEN'T tested it via the internet. It is similar to kazaa limewire, but it does have to have a central server that holds all the file locations and the ip's of all the machines. if anything it shows you how to transfer files well using Buffered Streams.
Video see comments in code
Gobang Use of applet and the importance of using swing.
Salary The class "SalaryComputer" displays the gross pay from the input of the number of hours and hourly wage of the user. The class "SalaryComputerTest" returns the information as the main from the class SalaryComputer.
A (part10) Powerful Swing Code to Maintain CD Database As they say necessity is the mother of invention I had around 150 Video CDs in my shelf so I decided to write a small swing Application , the code can be downloaded here, how ever I suggest u go through the installation instructions and article associated with it Mastering Java Swing in my site , if u like the code vote for it, Regards James Smith
String Calculator String Calculator enable you to enter your Infix code and showing the Postfix code and result.
Chobi Dekha You can use "Chobi Dekha" to build up your web site's image gallery. It shows a small preview of the original image before launching the actual image and it loads only one thumbnail at a time. Thus, it saves the loading time. For Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0+, Netscape Navigator 6.0+, Mozilla 1.2+ and Opera 6.0+.
A basic Client Server application II This version II example shows you how to build a basic client/server address application. The client sends a last name to the server and the server responds. The source and a tutorial are included.
Bookmark image Save a bookmark with your own icon in the favourites folder
myFT Most applications transfer files only, they can't transfer directories (dir). This class transfer files and directories! from the curent dir back into the current dir.
Simple Socket example A simple example on how to send strings using BufferedReader and BufferedWriter. This example takes 5 strings, put them all together using ":" as a separator for the String Split methode, then prints it on the console. To run this little example, choose Server, go back to your JBuilder (JCreator...or whatever)run it again choose Client. You'll see that on connect there's some information sent. You can choose to send it again by clinking the Send button. The fun of this little thing, both client and server side are incorporated in the same bit of code... Hope it helps. Be gentle with the comments...This is my first Java app. :)

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