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SQL Stats

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Latest Code Ticker for SQL
By Ewald Hofman on 11/19

find depended objects
By chandra sekhar on 11/19

Is Num
By Jonathan Spinks on 11/14

Changing object owner to dbo
By Mike J Anderson on 11/9

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What is SQL?

     SQL (Structured Query Language) is a language for retrieving information out of relational databases such as Oracle, Informix, SQL Server, Access and MySQL.

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SQL Server 2000
SQL Server 7.0
SQL Server 6.5 and earlier

Note: Stats below include both filtered and non-filtered items.

Coding Standards
(630 lines)

Data Conversion
(2,281 lines)

Data Warehouses
(502 lines)

Date/ Time
(1,493 lines)

Debugging and Error Handling
(46 lines)

Design/ Modeling
(432 lines)

Maintainence/ Optimization
(7,547 lines)

(6,613 lines)

(1,643 lines)

Numeric Manipulation
(463 lines)

(3,364 lines)


(319 lines)

(3,031 lines)

Space Management
(3,112 lines)

(984 lines)

(575 lines)

Stored Procedures
(6,012 lines)

String Manipulation
(3,346 lines)

(290 lines)

(71 lines)

Tuning Performance
(1,587 lines)

(271 lines)

Contest Winners


Winners for code submitted October 2003 as chosen by your votes!

Last month's submissions are in the process of being tallied and reviewed, and the winners will be announced shortly!

In the meantime, here are previous month's winners

Execute SQL on Multiple Tables/ColumnsNew feature in MS SQL SERVER 2000
The base idea of this article is to give leverage to run SQL Statement or Stored Procedure or User defined Function or set of SQL Statements


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