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Hit Counter / With a Chart Kinda dumb, if it's possible to automate this so it's done daily rather than whenever I feel like clicking the link I'd like someone to let me know. Regardless... Here's a page hit counter combined with a chart based off cookie validation, as well as an "individual hits" counter based on IP address validation.
Guestbook 0.1A Another simple application I'll upload today... A very simple guestbook (since there aren't any to download for cold fusion ANYWHERE). Updates appreciated, if you use it a link to my site would be nice as with any other program I make, but not mandatory.
Messageboard 0.1a Update: LOL! I probably should include the database huh? Let's try this again.... A simple simple simple messageboard in Cold Fusion. I've been at this language for quite some time now, as well as ASP and have never actually made a messageboard in either. There really need to be a lot of updates to it, as there isn't even an admin function built in yet but any help would be appreciated. See it working at
Random String Generator This cfscript function accepts a string of possible characters and a lengths and returns a string of random characters.
Insert - A - Date Simple date display :)
Line Break Display the text the way you enter it in the text area. This script will read through the input text and print it out on the screen the way you enter it, it will print out the
characters when u hit the 'Return' button on your keyboard

Login System USERNAME PASSWORD Share my knowledge to other web developer
Administrator Password Viewer This code will retrieve you server password, RDS password, display serial number of your software installed, display company and user registered. The code also have a capability to disable your server password.
CFDumpAllMX Displays all query, application, session, client, cookie, form, URL, and CGI variables available to a ColdFusion template.
Creating Dynamic WAP Pages using ColdFusion You can find in this Article a complete introduction of CF and WAP.This is Very easy to learn and Use........... You will need MicroSoft WORD to read this article.
TestOnLine It is a very simple online Exam System developed in Coldfusion 4.5, But soon a version in Coldfusion MX is under process.
MuLoT Paging With this code, you can make multiple link page to view results from a Search or a Query. Just look like this: |1| |2| |3| |4|
MuLot Bolding Search Just looking When you do a search, the word that you looking for is in bold in all the results. You must call the function like this: #MuLoT_BoldingSearch("word search", "in this text")# example: #MuLoT_BoldingSearch("look this", "eh look at this!!!")# Review (Resubmission) Brief introduction to, a host site for developers Coldfusion Custom Tags, Components and Applications. Brief introduction to, a host site for developers Coldfusion Custom Tags, Components and Applications.
ColdFusion HitCounter This is a nice hitcounter i make for you all.
CF_ICAL This tag automates the creation of iCalendar files (.ics). You can use this tag to create a standards compliant calendar file that will work across different programs such as Microsoft Outlook Calendar and Mozilla Calendar.
Calculate Distance Between Two Points Using Longitude & Latitude in Sphere - Tutorial and sample codes to calculate the distance between two locations using spherical algorithm. Free sample source codes in PHP, ASP, ColdFusion, C/C++, C#, Java, Perl, Visual Basic and Javascript. Longitude and latitude for United States ZIP Code and Canadian Postal Code are available in database subscription from
CF-Portal 1.0 This is the first release of CF-Portal and I hope it will be a success. It is not encrypted so you may use it all you want and customize the themes easily. Also, there are themes and more available at the CF-Portal website There will be add-ons and more. Thank you.
CF-Portal - Complete ColdFusion Web Portal I have seen many crappy ColdFusion posts on this site. Barely any of them have a use. I will soon be completed with my web portal I am working on for ColdFusion users.

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