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CFTagStore.com Review (Resubmission)


Submitted on: 4/8/2003 6:31:40 AM
By: Daniel Mackey  
Level: Advanced
User Rating: By 1 Users
Compatibility:Cold Fusion 4.5, Pre Cold Fusion 4.5, Cold Fusion 5, Cold Fusion MX

Users have accessed this review 1042 times.

(About the author)
     Brief introduction to CFTagStore.com, a host site for developers Coldfusion Custom Tags, Components and Applications.

Terms of Agreement:   
By using this review, you agree to the following terms...   
1) You may use any of the code in this review in your own programs (and may compile it into a program and distribute it in compiled format for languages that allow it) freely and with no charge.   
2) You MAY NOT redistribute this review (for example to a web site) without written permission from the original author. Failure to do so is a violation of copyright laws.   
3) You may link to this review from another website, but ONLY if it is not wrapped in a frame. 
4) You will abide by any additional copyright restrictions which the author may have placed in the review or review's description.


CFTagStore.com is a fantastic new resource for Coldfusion Developers looking to expand their current library of Coldfusion Custom Tags, Components and Applications.

The site is easily navigated, with a permanent tree view of all catagories residing in a persistant manner on the left hand side of the screen.

The search option is extremely functional, allowing you to search by catagory, rating, keyword, description, title and many more options!

As a developer, you can sign up for an account and start selling straight away.

You can upload as many Custom Tags, components and applications as you like and catagorise them under specific catagories for other developers to find easily.

CFTagStore.com is a developer market place, allowing the distribution of your software for a small cut of the sale, usually around 15% with all credit card transaction fees being incurred by CFTagStore, so the developer benfits from extra marketing and exposure, for a fraction of the cost in doing it alone.

CFTagStore.com also allows the rating and reviewing of hosted Custom tags, components and applications.

Your user account, gives you access to detailed stats, graphs and information on evaluation downloads, hits and purchases. Bar charts and Pie Charts graph these stats into an easily digested form giving you a quick overview on which component is selling best.

Developers who purchase your software can optionally choose to receive an email when you update your code, and can download the purchased software from their account.

So next time you are stuck for time in developing that killer application and need a specific functionality at a low cost, check CFTagStore.com

Built by developers, for developers!


CFTagStore.com is currently being updated to a non frames version of the site and better Search Engine optimisation. Your tags will now show up more frequently and prominantly in major search engines.

Future revisions will include a proper affiliation program and grouping of tags into packages.

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