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MuLoT Paging

VB icon
Submitted on: 4/17/2003 10:45:36 AM
By: Le MuLoT  
Level: Beginner
User Rating: Unrated
Compatibility:Cold Fusion MX

Users have accessed this code 1433 times.

(About the author)
     With this code, you can make multiple link page to view results from a Search or a Query. Just look like this: |1| |2| |3| |4|
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    // for :MuLoT Paging
    Call the function like this:
    #MuLoT_Paging(5, SearchResults.RecordCount, URL.MaxRows, 
    	 			URL.StartRow, URL.Search, URL.Collection, 'recherche.cfm', '+')#
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By using this code, you agree to the following terms...   
1) You may use this code in your own programs (and may compile it into a program and distribute it in compiled format for languages that allow it) freely and with no charge.   
2) You MAY NOT redistribute this code (for example to a web site) without written permission from the original author. Failure to do so is a violation of copyright laws.   
3) You may link to this code from another website, but ONLY if it is not wrapped in a frame. 
4) You will abide by any additional copyright restrictions which the author may have placed in the code or code's description.

    // Name: MuLoT Paging
    // Description:With this code, you can m
    //     ake multiple link page to view results f
    //     rom a Search or a Query. Just look like 
    //     this: |1| |2| |3| |4|
    // By: Le MuLoT
    //This code is copyrighted and has    // limited warranties.Please see http://
    //     www.Planet-Source-Code.com/vb/scripts/Sh
    //     owCode.asp?txtCodeId=76&lngWId;=9    //for details.    //**************************************
    	<cfscript>	/***************************************************************************************\
    		*	Auteur:	Frdric Gauthier-Boutin													*
    		*	Date:	15 avril 2003																*
    		*	Description:																		*
    		*		Fonction gnrant des sauts de pages (liens hypertexts).						*
    		*																						*
    		*		Arguments :																		*
    		*			Intervalle	=>	Contient le nombre de pages  afficher avant et aprs celle	*
    		*							en cours de consultation.									*
    		*			RecordCount	=>	Contient le nombre de rsultats pour la recherche			*
    		*			MaxRows		=>	Contient le nombre de rsultats par pages					*
    		*			StartRow	=>	Contient le numro de l'enregistrement en cours				*
    		*			Search		=>	Contient ce sur quoi on fait la recherche					*
    		*			Collection	=>	Indique avec quelle(s) collection(s) nous recherchons		*
    		*			GotoURL		=>	Contient l'URL vers lequel les liens des pages pointent		*
    		*																						*
    		*		Arguments Optionnels :															*	
    					Middle		=>
    		*	Version: #2.0																		*
    		function MuLoT_Paging(Intervalle, RecordCount, MaxRows, StartRow, Search, Collection, GotoURL) {
    			//Dclarations divers
    			var iCtr = 1;
    			var Start = 1;
    			var strPages = '';
    			var Middle = '#chr(35)#iCtr#chr(35)#'; //Correspond  #iCtr#, mais si crit tel quel, y a traitement tout de suite !!!
    			var BeginTag = '<font color="blue" face="Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif" size="3">';
    			var EndTag = '</font>';
    			var CurrentMiddle = Middle;
    			var CurrentBeginTag = '<font size="+1" color="blue">';
    			var CurrentEndTag = EndTag;
    			//Calcul des pages
    			var CurrentPage = (StartRow + MaxRows - 1) / MaxRows;
    			var BeginPage = 1;
    			var MaxPage = (recordCount / MaxRows);
    			if (RecordCount mod MaxRows NEQ 0) //Page de terminaison
    				MaxPage = MaxPage + 1;
    			//Vrification si nous avons reu des arguments supplmentaires
    			if(ArrayLen(arguments) GTE 8) 
    				Middle = "#chr(35)#arguments[8]#chr(35)#";
    			if(ArrayLen(arguments) GTE 9)
    				BeginTag = "#chr(35)#arguments[9]#chr(35)#";
    			if(ArrayLen(arguments) GTE 10)
    				EndTag = "#chr(35)#arguments[10]#chr(35)#";
    			if(ArrayLen(arguments) GTE 11)
    				CurrentMiddle = "#chr(35)#arguments[11]#chr(35)#";
    			//Ajustement de l'intervalle
    			if (CurrentPage + Intervalle LT MaxPage)
    				MaxPage = CurrentPage + Intervalle;
    			if (CurrentPage - Intervalle GT BeginPage)
    				BeginPage = CurrentPage - Intervalle;
    			//Boucle parcourant chaque pages
    			for(iCtr = BeginPage; iCtr LE MaxPage; iCtr = iCtr + 1){
    				//Calcul du Dbut pour chaque pages
    				Start = (iCtr * MaxRows) - MaxRows + 1;
    				//Vrification si page en cours
    				if (Start NEQ StartRow)
    					strPages = strPages & 'a href="#GotoURL#?
    											& '#BeginTag#'
    											& Evaluate(Middle)
    											& '#EndTag#'
    											&'/a> ';
    					strPages = strPages & CurrentBeginTag & Evaluate(CurrentMiddle) & CurrentEndTag & ' ';
    			return strPages;

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Other User Comments
4/22/2003 8:52:00 AM:Tim Garver
Would be cool if i could read French!
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4/22/2003 9:08:21 AM:THA MuLoT
Do you want an english version ?
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