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Newest Open Bid Requests.
By Leifen on Dec 3
Max Bid: Open to fair suggestions

PERL running on APACHE
By Rosanne on Dec 3
Max Bid: Open to fair suggestions

Party planner
By Tina McElroy on Dec 3
Max Bid: Open to fair suggestions

Access Form
By HSI on Dec 3
Max Bid: Open to fair suggestions

Database system performs 2 essential functions
By d1dar on Dec 3
Max Bid: $40

Hamiltonian Path
By mgy on Dec 3
Max Bid: Open to fair suggestions

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About DrFreakenstein

Name:  DrFreakenstein
(see 3 ratings)
  in San Lorenzo, California
United States

Seller / Coder Rating:  10 (Excellent)
Sign up date:  Mar 21, 2002 1:58:39 PM EDT
Jobs Started:  3
Jobs Completed:  3
Missed Status Report Warnings Issued:  0

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Areas Of Expertise: 
Visual Basic
MySQL and PostgreSQL database servers with VB client programs
Web site design

I've written numerous database applications in Visual Basic for the EaglePack Corporation. These programs range from small single user applications to large multi-user two-tier and three-tier VB applications centering around both MySQL and PostgreSQL databases. In addition to database applications, I also have ample experience developing small business web sites. Some of the web sites I've created include:
Managed Solutions of San Diego

Top Coder Competition Raw Score
Average Job Size
Average Coder Rating
Number of Completed Jobs
Penalty for Missed Status Reports Warnings *
(0 warnings x 1000 penalty) = 0
  Raw Score Total: 1,700.00

* Penalty rule enacted on 10/8/2001 and applies only to warnings sent after that date.
Rent A Coder Work History
This list shows all bid requests completed by the coder. This includes bid requests where the coder was both rated and not rated.

Rated For Rated By Rating Bid Amount Rated On
  Convert script from ASP to PHP forrie 10
$35.00 September 11, 2002 10:26:14 PM EDT
  I continue to be very impressed with his work; very complete and thoroughly documented. Highly recommended.
  PHP Redirection Script Needed forrie 10
$35.00 August 26, 2002 1:39:44 AM EDT
  I'm very pleased with his work. The project was done quickly, and was far more complete than I had expected. His documentation and communication has been incredible, and I would highly recommend this guy to anyone.

Absolutely 110% pleased!
  Small Business Startup Noel99 10
$100.00 April 1, 2002 11:27:01 AM EDT
  It was Friday evening and I needed to have a web site up and running by Monday morning. I submitted my bid and received 75 responses. Most of the responses included sites that the bidders had created. Jeremy's work stood out from the rest and I awarded him the bid. He had a web site design back to me by late Friday night. I was blown away. His design included a new enhanced logo and everything that was outlined in the initial bid. We exchanged e-mails throughout the weekend and he made changes as we talked about the best way to setup up the site. By late Sunday night he had the site uploaded to my web server and the project was complete. He not only designed an awesome web site but provided suggestions that enhanced my overall marketing effort. He's truly a professional and I would highly recommend him for any project. I will continue to hire him as my site expands and also will be awarding him additional work as I have two more web sites to do. I'm extremely pleased with Jeremy's work and can't thank him enough for his help this weekend.

Average:   10

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