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Remote File System
By imajstudios on Nov 18
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java project
By alex68 on Nov 18
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Linking Database Tables
By Tilly on Nov 18
Max Bid: $50

Graphical Toolbox Application GUI Creation
By Totalfit on Nov 18
Max Bid: Open to fair suggestions

Paypal IPN Script for Subscription Service
By jlambert on Nov 18
Max Bid: $10

Query Timer
By jel on Nov 18
Max Bid: Open to fair suggestions

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About kkmclegg

Top Coder Competition Ranking
# 10 of 31,365

Raw Score Total: 53,699.99
Name:  kkmclegg
(see 17 ratings)
  in Mississauga, Ontario

Seller / Coder Rating:  10 (Excellent)
Sign up date:  Apr 19, 2002 9:45:25 AM EDT
Jobs Started:  22
Jobs Completed:  19
Missed Status Report Warnings Issued:  1

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Areas Of Expertise: 
Microsoft Certified, Extensive experience creating graphical User Interfaces using Windows Common Controls/Practices, Visual Basic, Creating Crystal Reports with VB front-end, SQL Server, Microsoft Access, Analysis using Rational Rose

Software Motto --- Your information. Your Way.

What every client should know about me:
    -My objective is to create a relationship with my client, a productive partnership that results in a solution that represents EXACTLY what the client wants.
    -I want to work with you more than once. Repeat business does not happen without dedication, organization, and creativity. Ultimately, your satisfaction leads to my satisfaction!
    -Every price is negotiable. For the fact that you want to negotiate with me tells me that you want my services. And does feel good to be wanted :)
    -RENT-A-CODER is my way of having opportunities to create solutions outside of my "corporate" world :)

Industry Certifications
Microsoft Certified Professional Certifications:
-Exam 70-175: Designing and Implementing Distributed Applications with Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0
-Exam 70-100: Analyzing Requirements and Defining Solution Architectures
MCSD candidate (2 exams remaining)

Computer Skills
Languages: Visual Basic 6.0, VBA, SQL, C, C++, COBOL, HTML, UML (Rational Rose 4.0) and Java
Technologies: COM, ADO 2.6, DAO 3.6, ODBC, Client Server
Operating Systems: Windows ME, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows 9x, Windows 3.1 and Unix
Hardware: IBM PC and Compatible, AS/400
WINDOWS: MS-Visual Basic 6.0, MS-Visual Interdev 6.0, MS-Visual SourceSafe, MS-Project, MS-SQL Server 2000, MS-Access 98 & 2000, Seagate Crystal Reports Version 8- 8.5, Visio, Oracle Developer 2000, Microsoft Office 2000(Word, Excel, PowerPoint), Internet Explorer, Netscape
DOS: Borland C++ and WordPerfect 6.0
THIRD PARTY CONTROLS: Janus Grid, SmartUI, FSScroll, and VBMaximizer

    -Self starter with the ability to multi-task, organize time effectively, and meet deadlines
    -Strong analytical and troubleshooting skills to solve problems with existing applications
    -Ability to translate user requirements into technical specifications
    -Ability to work either in collaboration with others or independently in completing Application Development projects
    -Self-learner with the ability to pick up concepts quickly
    -Verbal communication skills to explain technical issues to non-technical staff
    -Written communication skills to produce required documentation for applications
    -Ability to facilitate training and feedback sessions between end users and Development

Work Experience

August 2002 - Present
Intermediate Programmer
Ceridian Canada Ltd., Mississauga Creating custom solutions for clients using Insync, Ceridian's Payroll/HR application.
    -Develop customizations and stand alone applications for Insync's Payroll and HR modules utilizing Visual Basic, Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle 2000
    -Analyze and document current Payroll and HR processes for clients
    -Create user documentation and provide assistance throughout customization deployment and installations
    -Testing Developed Applications in Numerous Environments, including Windows 95, 98, 2000, and Windows NT or Novell where necessary.

January 2000 - July 2002

Software Developer
Questica Inc., Burlington Specializes in software development for the manufacturing industry.
    -Developed software applications and components for Questica Inc. utilizing Visual Basic, Microsoft Access and Microsoft SQL Server 2000
    -Utilized the Software Development Life Cycle to analyze and create detailed specifications in response to user requirements
    -Designed and developed object-oriented Application Programming Interface for use by external developers
    -Created SQL Server stored procedures and developed the Graphical User Interface for Version 2 of Questica 2000 using the API
    -Designed and implemented enhancements and also bug fixes on the Access version of the manufacturing software
    -Designed, developed, documented, debugged, and tested the Accounts Receivable section of Questica's VB Accounting module
    -Functioned as interim Logistics Manager. Implemented training and support to users after product deployment; gathered and summarized user feedback; communicated user requirements to the Development team

Education: September 1997 - April 1999
Diploma in Computer Programming and Operating with High Honors

Seneca College of Applied Arts and Technology
Specialization: Information Systems and Software Design

Top Coder Competition Raw Score
Average Job Size
Average Coder Rating
Number of Completed Jobs
Penalty for Missed Status Reports Warnings *
(1 warnings x 1000 penalty) = 1000
  Raw Score Total: 53,699.99

* Penalty rule enacted on 10/8/2001 and applies only to warnings sent after that date.
Rent A Coder Work History
This list shows all bid requests completed by the coder. This includes bid requests where the coder was both rated and not rated.

Rated For Rated By Rating Bid Amount Rated On
  Private auction for kkmclegg on 10/31/2002 5:03:51 PM arajabali 10
$200.00 November 14, 2002 10:28:38 AM EDT
  Keisha's work is very professional. She is an excellent developer with good communication. She always informs you with an up to date status of your project. I will definetly do business with her again. And I recommend to everyone to select her for your project.
  Private auction for kkmclegg on 9/6/2002 10:17:36 AM datatechsys 10
$700.00 November 11, 2002 7:57:10 AM EDT
  Once again Keisha excells at what she does. Fast and reliable.
  Develop MS Access application TheElephant 10
$120.00 November 9, 2002 11:22:52 AM EDT
  Excellent communication from time of bid request. Work delivered on time. Minor adjustments readily made. She is a professional.
  Winzip Printing KJ 10
$200.00 October 24, 2002 9:32:47 AM EDT
  Keisha is a hard working person, Very smart and knows what is she doing. Excelent to work with, very fast turn around with quality work, I will use her again.... EXCELENT!!!!!!!!!!.
  SC Survey C Medeor Systems 10
$150.00 October 24, 2002 2:42:41 AM EDT
  Versatile coder, obviously able to multi-task.
  SC Survey B Medeor Systems 10
$150.00 October 24, 2002 2:39:45 AM EDT
  Patient and persistent working through multiple changes.
  SC Survey A Medeor Systems 10
$150.00 October 24, 2002 2:33:11 AM EDT
  Good production value, work ethic and professionalism.
  autoriation code data base datatechsys 10
$400.00 October 9, 2002 7:56:50 AM EDT
  Once again Keisha excelled. Communication cant be any better and fixes are made almost instantly. I will continue our business relationship. She makes me money
  Log in Project KJ 10
$200.00 October 7, 2002 4:06:49 PM EDT
  I've worked with Keisha before and knew that she could be counted on again. Another project well done!.
  Private auction for kkmclegg on 8/29/2002 1:22:03 PM KJ 10
$800.00 September 27, 2002 10:58:45 AM EDT
  Keisha was professional and diligent throughout this project. She was quick and detailed when gathering all the requirements for this project. She was also very quick when resolving issues or making changes. Excellent to work with...I will be using her services again in the future."
  Project in Access 2000 and further opportunities chansen 10
$300.00 September 3, 2002 12:55:29 PM EDT
  Keisha does exactly what is asked in a timely manner. Thanks.
  Private auction for kkmclegg on 7/15/2002 1:06:04 PM LSS inc. None Given $500.00 August 17, 2002 3:14:03 PM EDT
  Estimating Program Kush 10
$200.00 August 7, 2002 8:27:21 PM EDT
  Keisha did a fantastic job of providing me with my project requirements. Her code was clear, well commented and she was pleasant to deal with. Keisha provided quick responses to my many questions as well as doing the "little extras" to ensure the program was to my liking. This was a tough project that went past the expected deadline but her tireless effort was reflected in a professional well thought out software package. I would definitely recommend Keisha for your project.
  Access Embosser Printer Driver datatechsys 10
$150.00 July 13, 2002 3:26:10 PM EDT
  Once again, Keisha comes through. This is way too easy. She has opened a whole new avenue for my business and is absolutley great to work with. I have total confidence with her. She also goes the extra step to make sure you get what you want, a very rare quality!
  Web data extraction & analysis bluegrass 10
$300.00 June 28, 2002 1:07:07 AM EDT
  Keisha is a brilliant, brilliant coder and an asset to RentACoder.

She was fast, she had a clear understanding of what
we wanted, and communication was absolutely first rate.

I know that "10's" are handed out pretty liberally on RAC, but Keisha is a true
10 and completely deserving of RAC's highest rating.

  Status Combo Box Enhancement 4OfficeAutomation, Inc. 10
$100.00 June 22, 2002 6:24:39 AM EDT
  Great work, very responsive!
  Affiliate Finder Bonus 4OfficeAutomation, Inc. 10
$200.00 June 7, 2002 7:38:29 PM EDT
  Printer Driver from Excel datatechsys 10
$100.00 June 7, 2002 7:39:33 AM EDT
  This was way to easy! She did an excellent job and finished faster than promised. Corrections were made almost instantly. Very easy to work with with a great work ethic. Just an all around professional. I will be doing work with her in the future with no doubt.
  Affiliate Finder 4OfficeAutomation, Inc. None Given $1,000.00 May 8, 2002 9:43:47 AM EDT
Average:   10

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