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911 Emergency Help!
By warplanes on 6/14
Max Bid: $50

Webchat Enhancements
By Awesome3 on 6/14
Max Bid: $100

Free mailer
By stepin on 6/14
Max Bid: Open to fair suggestions

icq program
By stepin on 6/14
Max Bid: Open to fair suggestions

Interchangeable Manual and Computerized Accounts R ...
By Harry Ditmore on 6/14
Max Bid: $100

3-D data plots
By egreene on 6/14
Max Bid: Open to fair suggestions

Flash Intro
By Shoutmaster on 6/14
Max Bid: Open to fair suggestions

Software online help
By P-A-U-L on 6/14
Max Bid: $200

Flash/HTML Web Site
By Shoutmaster on 6/14
Max Bid: Open to fair suggestions

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About Arnold

Name: Arnold  (see 9 ratings)
     in Wahiawa, Hawaii
     United States

Seller/Coder Rating:   10 (Excellent)
Sign up date: 10/26/2001 1:36:21 PM

Current Bid Request Record:

Bid Requests Posted:  9
Bids Accepted:  9
Work Accepted and Paid:  9

Rated For Rated By Rating Rated On
Database Inventory Program MinneSoftware 10
3/15/2002 11:08:06 PM
Once again, he was patient and very easy to work with. The specifications were clear and easy to understand. Promptly responded to email requests. A pleasure to work for.
Personal Address Book esv4 10
2/22/2002 2:05:01 PM
Excellent buyer. Provided exact requirements, and he is very quick at returning e-mail messages. Would definitely work with him again!
An Alarm Clock MinneSoftware 10
2/22/2002 7:49:45 AM
Patient and very easy to work with. Consistent on the specifications. Communicated well thru emails promptly. I would definitely work with this buyer again.
Financial Forecasting Program kurtn 10
2/17/2002 8:29:01 PM
Excellent buyer to work with/for. Project requirements/specifications clearly specified. Releases fund promptly upon acceptance of work. Would definitely work with again.
Inventory Program Appwalk Technologies Canada 10
1/28/2002 10:02:22 PM
Arnold is very understanding and very specific on the type of program he wants. He releases his fund very quickly and communicates very well. Arnold is absolutely one of the best buyers around.
Database program Dean Consulting 10
1/14/2002 8:45:43 PM
This gentleman was very easy to work with and knew what he needed. A superb asset to this site. I will work with him again without hesitation.
Visual Basic Debugging James Thomas 10
12/27/2001 5:23:08 PM
We stayed in constant communication and he very detailed on what he wanted. I look forward to working with him again
Creating a Calendar mayIhelpu 10
12/11/2001 12:50:14 AM
My buyer is really a very co-operative person and was responsible for the completion of the project by guiding me through every step and giving me complete descriptive information about the project. If I get a chance by God's grace to work with him again, it would be a pleasure for me. Thanks to my buyer and Good Luck ! for his future.
CarMinder Program using Visual Basic 6 Karthick 10
12/5/2001 8:25:33 PM
He was a simply suberb guy to work with. Inspite of his busy schedule in military, he didnt hestitate to answer my mails.He made very good reponses. He believe in programmers to the core and didnt hesitate to accept 50% work even though he had some corrections to be made. Karthik
Average:   10

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