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Newest Bid Requests.
View and Export index.dat Files...
By Antwell on Jun 29
Max Bid: Open to fair suggestions

Contact Management System
By Conan1964 on Jun 28
Max Bid: Open to fair suggestions

Excel statistic program
By Decaff on Jun 28
Max Bid: Open to fair suggestions

Perl Encryption Software
By PPencrypter on Jun 28
Max Bid: $50

User Interface Graphic Design
By Wettre on Jun 28
Max Bid: Open to fair suggestions

VB or VC++ Application to send RINGTONES from PC
By Buddies on Jun 28
Max Bid: Open to fair suggestions

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Open Work Categories.
(156 open)
(60 open)
(83 open)
(8 open)
   SQL Server 
(47 open)
   Other DB 
(21 open)
Documentation / Tech Writing 
(24 open)
Data Entry 
(21 open)
Game Development 
(26 open)
Graphics / Art / Music 
(53 open)
(54 open)
     Adobe AfterEffects 
(1 open)
     Adobe Photoshop 
(12 open)
     Adobe Premiere 
(2 open)
     3d Animation 
(19 open)
   Art (Misc.) 
(22 open)
(13 open)
   3d Modeling 
(17 open)
Language Specific 
(119 open)
(56 open)
   ASP .NET 
(24 open)
(31 open)
   C++ / C 
(114 open)
   Cold Fusion 
(6 open)
(32 open)
(53 open)
(15 open)
(38 open)
(77 open)
(23 open)
   Visual Basic 
(154 open)
   Visual Basic .Net 
(61 open)
(55 open)
(25 open)
(3 open)
(37 open)
   Video Editing 
(3 open)
(43 open)
   Network Design 
(11 open)
   Network Implementation 
(16 open)
(90 open)
(160 open)
     MS Exchange 
(5 open)
     MS Office 
(7 open)
(8 open)
(1 open)
   Internet Browser 
(42 open)
(64 open)
(33 open)
   Hand Held/PDA Programming 
(9 open)
(15 open)
(37 open)
Testing / Quality Assurance 
(18 open)
(150 open)
   Page Design 
(83 open)
(51 open)
   Web Services 
(75 open)
   Web (Other) 
(79 open)
(13 open)
   Computer Based 
(14 open)
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Disallowed Bid Request Posting Policy

   Below are the types of bid request types that are not allowed on Rent A Coder .  If you cannot abide by the site posting policy, then please do not place bid requests on this site. Violators of the site bid request posting policy may be warned or have their accounts banned, depending on the severity of the offense.

   While we attempt to catch all violations, it is impossible to catch 100%.  If you see a violation please help the site by reporting it.

     Please note that we reserve the right to disallow posting of bid requests that fall into new disallowed categories not yet on this list.

Disallowed Programs:

  • Spam (e)Mailer/ Spamming program
    Any programs used to send unsolicited email are not allowed.
  • Chat spammer/bulk messager
    Any program used to send unsolicted messages in chat rooms are not allowed
  • Spam Harvester
    Any program used to gather mass # of email addresses, IM addresses, etc. from web sites, newsgroups or other public information sources.
  • Scumware/malware/stealthware
    Any programs that hide on the user's machine without their knowledge are not allowed. Typical product of this kind secretly monitor actions and report them to a central server, or pop up intrusive ads over a web browser (or at any time).
  • Virus
    Any program that infects machines and can spread from machine to machine are not allowed. This range from just taking up space (harmless) to deleting files and wiping out computer systems (dangerous). Persons requesting virus bid requests will be reported to the proper law enforcement authorities.
  • Trojan:
    Any program that disguises itself as something else (it may act like a game or other program), but underneath it is really a virus, key-logger, or other similar sort of program, is not allowed.  Persons requesting a trojan will be reported to the proper law enforcement authorities.
  • Key-logger:
    Any program that logs all keys the user is typing without their knowledge is not allowed.  These can be used to steal a person's password or other private information and usually form the basis for one of the other types of 'bad' programs.
  • Cracker:
    Any program that tries different combinations of letters and #s (or other algorithm) to "crack" a password is not allowed.
  • Clones of this site
    We realize imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but this type of flattery is not allowed.  This includes clones of sites that are competitors.
  • Non specific bid requests:
    Any program that isn't specific as to what it is asking for...including bid requests that say essentially "I will buy any software that you've created", are not allowed.  These potentially expose at least one of the parties (either yourself, the coder or us) to a liability problem should arbitration be required, as there is no way to compare what was actually asked for with what was delivered.

Disallowed Other

  • Asking for work in advance from all coders before escrowing any funds to a "chosen" coder
    This is not allowed as it does not guarantee that all coders who do the work will be paid.  In a logo design situation, mockups of the final logo are not allowed, because that is essentially asking for the work in advance.
  • Non work related
    Any non project specific related bid request, such as just attempting to contact someone, test bids, etc.
  • Profit Sharing "Opportunities" and Pro-Bono work
    Rent a coder is a marketplace, not a discussion board. Bid requests that do not include monetary compensation are not allowed. 
  • Copyright and other legal violations
    Any project that violates copyright or other law is not allowed.  This includes posting a bid request asking a coder to "Please send me the code for the project you just did for person XYZ".  This is a violation of the copyright the original buyer purchased and is not allowed.

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