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Latest Code Ticker for Visual Basic.
Click here to see a screenshot of this code!age
By sherif rofael on 8/19

(Screen Shot)

Click here to see a screenshot of this code!your age
By sherif rofael on 8/19

(Screen Shot)

Quad Click
By Skitzo Monk on 8/18

Afro Speak
By Skitzo Monk on 8/18

a 25% done 3D level editor
By Homee G on 8/18

Converts Seconds to Time (functions withour any errors)
By Sunil Wason on 8/18

Click here to see a screenshot of this code!PSC explorer-See the code from 0-38000 and more!!
By XasanSoft on 8/18

(Screen Shot)

Click here to see a screenshot of this code!VB IRCd (pure VB6 Code, no dlls, winsock.ocx is everything u need)
By Dennis Fisch on 8/18

(Screen Shot)

By Gary Seume on 8/18

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