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C++ update to make you switch Borland C++ is visual now... It has WAY more controls than VB does, and i bet youll just like it more than VB! You can download the C++ builder at, you really should switch!
html syntax control this is a simple html editor. it has word wraping (with some bugs when line numbers are on), unique way of doing line numbering, multiple line tab indent and unindent, autoindent, and many other features. i am wanting to add html syntax coloring but have not go that far yet. this is based off a html syntax control by 'Adam Ruggles' but is a complete rewrite from the ground up. if anyone can help me figure out the bugs with the word wrapping and line numbering it would be greatly appricated. this line numbering is very unique here on pscode. i could not find any other code like it.
Working Non-MDI Taskbar (Put on any form) If you looked at the screenshot you probably thought, "Oh he just made when you click the button that it makes the task object visible". Sorry but no, this actually works like a real taskbar. It uses control array's. Download the code and youll see it really does work just like a real taskbar :)
Cool THX Surround Sound Movie Intro This is a cool copy of the intro you see at the start of some movies, where the THX logo appears, and it plays that cool sound in the back of it. If you are not sure what im talking about, then check out the screenshot. I hope you like it. If you do please leave a comment. Thanks for looking.
Spaceship (using trig) This is an example i made that uses trig to draw and move a space ship (actually a isoceles triangle), and uses custom types for the 'ship'. this is a must see code, as it is quite short and simple. i've commented as much i could so it should make sense. please rate it and feel free to leave comments.
a digital pet *Updated* Updated a few things! Health: Now loses random health and gains Fun: Now loses random fun and gains Age: Every 3 minutes it gains an age Poop: It now poops and loses health and fun
Character To Mouse X, Y Movement Shows you how to move any object to any position on the form, just by clicking there. This code could be useful for certain games like 'Command And Conquer'. This code also has comments, to help guide you through whats happening. If you like this code please vote for me. Also if you have any questions then you may email them to me at Thank you for looking.
Listbox Library This module Make the use of an listbox in combination with files a lot easier, it can also simply search in the listbox with an API function
Simple 2D Inwards / Outwards Bouncing Box Simple program that bounces a box away and twoards you. Like it is coming at you and then moving away from you. The code is fairly basic. Hope you like it. Thank you for looking. You may email any questions you might have to me at
LightGrid Lightgrid is a little(45 KB) replacement for the big FlexGridControl (240 KB). It hasn't all the features like the FlexGrid, but it has a great features, like BackgroundPicture, transparent cells, you can draw on the Backgournd like on a PictureBox, and so on. It's good for these people who didn't want a 240 KB big Control and didn't want to use such a big grid like in Excel, because it's not really fast if you use many cells. I've commented in german and english. So try it out and see if you can need it and if you find it good, then please vote.
Bnet Logon Client Hi this is just a collection of the two submissions below, I cleaned them up and added them correctly. It took a long time, but i finnally got them to make sense. Hope this might help you use the code below. Please no votes.
User Activity Recorder It records user keystroke, screen snapshots,audio, record them automatically every minute in "c:\spy\" folder.It monitors user activity.
Explore It Version one Explore It is a cool and Unique Windows Explorer. Ever wanted to jump to a folder in windows. Easily done here! This Project will do it with a click of a button! This is a cool program and I hope you like it! If you do please Vote for me :)
MDAC Version Detection Detect if MDAC is installed and return the current version installed
Battle.Net (Parsing Packets to Logon with game client) What i posted here is a Module.bas file. This file is necessary to emulation game client login sequences.
prime number This little code finds whether the entered number is prime. It is a very simple code.
round up function of excel This little code does what the round up function of excel does. But here there is a constraint. If an example is needed here it is; "If 440 is entered then the code returns 450, if 451 is entered then it returns 500".
MultiIE MDI internet explorer with built in POP3 notifier & mail client launcher. Intellisense address bar, tabbed explorer with PopUp Blocker. Loads last pages on start up. System tray, user control, interface, POP3 protocol, etc... I don't want any special credit, just saw some similar project here last time, but thought this could be a better lesson for them.
A rounding algorithm This little tiny code can be useful for the ones living in countries where the inflation is high and the value of their money is so low. It rounds the last 6 digits of the given number to 6 zeros. It can be useful for the developers who are developing some financial programmes in the countries where inflation is high.
NetMessage! UPDATED!! faster,easier with error checks in module send messages over LAN. Soon to add: send files over LAN. Please vote

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