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Latest Code Ticker for Visual Basic.
Click here to see a screenshot of this code!Hangman Game - Original Code
By JAbX on 5/22

(Screen Shot)

Screen Comparator Macro Exec
By Jaime Zambrano on 5/22

By George Vassilenko1 on 5/22

Click here to see a screenshot of this code!Pad (Personal adress databook)
By kegham on 5/22

(Screen Shot)

Biorhythm Version 3.5
By anshukk@hotmail .com on 5/22

Click here to see a screenshot of this code!TexEd - Yet another text editor
By jballou on 5/22

(Screen Shot)

Security: Mask Your Web Server
By Port80 Software on 5/22

Next Generation URLs
By Port80 Software on 5/22

Midi Player Add-In
By chabber on 5/22

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Contest Rules
Back to contest home

All eligible submissions will be ranked according to the following criteria (in order):
1) The submission must receive a minimum number of votes. This minimum will vary according to the Planet Source Code world. Currently, the minimums are as follows (but may change without prior notice):

Visual Basic World: 4
C/C++ World: 2
Java/Javascript World: 2

2) All remaining submissions will be based on a 'Ranking' score which is computed as follows:

The number of 'excellent' rankings the submission has received

3) Submissions that are tied based on both 1) and 2) will be further ranked by the number of users voting. Submissions with less voters will rank higher than submissions with more voters.

4) Planet Source Code will then choose the top submissions as winners.

Exhedra Solutions, Inc.
has final say on all contest winners It reserves the right to designate the total number of winners on a month by month basis. It may desiginate additional submissions that do not rank as above as additional winners.  
It may disqualify any submission if it's voting statistics have been tampered with, for submission of unacceptable code, or for other reasons that Exhedra Solutions Inc., may deem appropriate.

All rules are subject to change without notice.

Contest Prizes
Winners will receive the following:

1) The honor of being singled out from over 300,000+ developers/month around the world.

2) A logo that can be displayed on their site

Logo designed by RJ Soft of West Tennessee

3) Their choice of one of the software packages listed on the contest home page.

All submissions entered into Planet Source Code between the first day of the month and the last day of the month will be eligible for the next month's contest.  


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