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All-Time Hall of Fame
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For code submitted August 2002
Contest Winners and Superior Code

Basic String Encryption
Very simple: encrypt a string, using a key.
For code submitted UNDEFINED 2002
Contest Winners and Superior Code

Math Generator
This program will execute mathematical functions.
For code submitted November 2001
Contest Winners and Superior Code

All About Caching!
This will show you how to use the Caching feature of ColdFusion to improve server performance. Go ahead and give it a read, it never hurt anyone to implement a little caching here and there to dramtically increase performance.
Shared Scope Variable Locking Tutorial
This will teach you how to lock shared scope variables. This can lead to the elimination of some problems and poosibly major conflicts in your server.
For code submitted July 2001
Contest Winners and Superior Code

Database Pagination (Next/Previous)
Code to help when you have loads of information to show from a database and you just need it separated into pages.
For code submitted April 2001
Contest Winners and Superior Code

A rapid development tool for creating on-line quizzes.


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