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Information to make you a Windows Help "god"!

Microsoft Help Authoring Guide
The definitive source of information on Windows Help authoring--by Microsoft

BaDge's WWW WinHelp Tricks Page
Creating wonderful special effects with Windows Help!

Windows Help References
A biliography of magazine sources for Windows Help information

You've finished writing and documenting the killer app...
Now where can you upload it to the masses?

Simtel upload information

Windows World uploading information
mail via a MIME compliant mailer such as EUDORA

Indiana FTP upload directory

Shareware Pick of The Month
but you have to submit a disk--(no upload site)

Jumbo shareware
(currently backlogged as of 12/2/95)

NEM's upload info

Garbo's windows programs

And don't forget to register your WWW site with the Internet search engines!

And here are what some users have done with help maker plus!

Michael Hayes's Star Trek Help File


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