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  1. Create 16 bit or 32 bit help files
  2. Create 4 different types of topics and hyper-text jumps:
    pop-up windows
    secondary windows
    simple jump destination
  3. Topic features
  4. automatic generation of keyword searches (if chosen)
    automatic generation of browser sequences (if chosen)
    automatic generation of context sensitive help id's (if chosen)
    automatic index of topics creation (if chosen)
    automatic creation of topic titles as fixed regions (if chosen)
    automatic generation of a sound upon entry to a topic
    (to simulate page turning sound, etc.) (if chosen)
  5. Create fixed regions
  6. Jump Features
    jump to destinations in help project or in an external help project
  7. Embed pictures (*.bmp;*.mrb;*.wmf;*.shg files)
  8. Alignment:Normal, left margin or right margin
  9. Create hyper-text jumps to sounds (.wav files)
  10. Create hyper-text jumps to movies (.avi files)
  11. Create hyper-text jumps to programs (.exe;.com;.bat; etc. files)
  12. Create hot-spot graphics
  13. Create a user manual from your help project
  14. Create multiple resolution bitmaps
  15. Compile and view your help file without every leaving Word
  16. Customize the help window size
  17. Create compressed help files for greater space savings
  18. Create buttons that actually move when they get 'pressed'
  19. Create links to the internet
  20. http (World Wide Web)
  21. Create customized background colors and fixed region colors

Copyright(c) 1995 by Ian Ippolito