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engine3d The code handles many of the operations envolved with handling 3D graphics from scratch. The code includes the following - Building general 3D models rotating the model translating the model rendering the model flat shading gouraud shading (much better quality for curved surfaces) lighting perspective projection etc Everything is in the form of a class that must be created for each 3D model. This means that the code is very easy to use and it is not nesaccary to understand how it works to be able to use it to create your own 3D graphics. This code could be used for the creation of 3D games. There is a project included, which demostrates how the code can be used to create a 3D juggling club that can be rotated and moved with the mouse.
TLanguageChanger This is a delphi component for handeling Windows Virtual Keyboard layouts. You can retrive list of existed layouts, change them and retrive information about each layout.
Vector Formulae Some vector math needed for game/graphics
Get Diskdrives I have been asked many times on how to use resources (*.res) with Delphi. Well, this is an example of using Resources in Delphi. It includes a full documentation (written as an html page). Just click the Help, Resource Files (*.Res) to load the page on your default internet brawser. Of cource, you can read this document without running Delphi. Please rate. Have fun.
Disconnect from the net at a specified time Disconnects from the internet at a specified time.
Internet connector for checking email etc. Checks your internet connection, if connected checks your email etc, if not connected then connects and disconnects afterwards.
Display a certain window on first run only Display a certain window on first run only. And display a wizard each consecutive run afterwards.
winboard interface winboard module for receive and send winboard command
winboard interface winboard interface for chess engine, read and write on interface
All about message boxes This code lets you obtain the input from the MessageBox command (whether a user clicks yes or no, or abort or retry) and lets you act on it.
Disk Drive Checking When you make an application that involving disk management then you might want to make your own error message when there is an error on the disk drive for example you access an empty drive, then your Delphi application just displaying "IO error 21" or what ever. With this code below then you will get a formated error message of your own and make it just the one in Windows or much better :-).
Viking Compiler Viking Compiler is a real programming language for DOS and Windows running on x86 processors. It's fast and flexible and may be ran from commandline or with GUI. Enjoy (and please vote for me if you like it)!
PasswordZip You won't never forgot your code. Yust type into.
Delphi and Pascal Programming Tutorials Learn more about Delphi
Format Screen Saver Fun screen saver of hard disk formating.
weblogin Automatic fill out HTML forms with TWebBrowser
A Random String Generator With Patterns and Extra Options Creates Random Strings of a specific length. There r sum options that u can use, and u can set ur own pattern. So, it can b pretty useful. Hope it is. :) if u want to c the code implemented in a Program, u can take a look at my code example that i submitted. I'll put the link when i get it. (Just copy-and-paste the code to delphi, it might help with the formatting. Sry about that, havnt dominated code uploading yet :)) thx
Random String Generator Example - Extra Options - Patterns A random string generator. It has some useful options and the user can enter the patterns the he chooses. It can be useful for sum things. ;) Oh, btw, the Screenshot had the XPMan component when it was taken, i took it out for ppl that use delphi6 and below.
Keyboard Logger / Quick Launcher This utility provides two functionality in one program. It can function as keyboard logger (like spy program) and can be an alternative to Windows shortcut without creating file. Now you can launch any file with associated executable anytime using your predefined shortcut/hotkey
Learn Delphi Want To learn delphi? This tutorial may help you.

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