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OneInstance problem fix this code will solve make your programe just workone instance of your problem
Bar Chart Create a very simple Bar Chart
Pacman To make some good game with turbo c++
TExt STatistical generatOR (TESTOR) This program analyze a file and produce some statistical data about its bytes and its words.
Medical Store Inventory It is a General purpose Inventory Systemwhich can be used simultaneously for both a medical store or a general store. Entire Program is Password protected which the user sets himself and may edit later.
Num_Magic This is a coding for beginners...and a simple maths logic challenge for everyone. Just imagine how this is working...before actually viewing the code.
Space Attack Simulates a war game. You must wipe-out the enemy before they wipe-out you...
Spy Ferret Spyware Cracker Cracks your password code to register Spy Ferret.
Hearts I like playing Cards.Iam bored by clicking again and again to play hearts,freecell..so I developed this program to click once and play both !!
Process Info This code can help you to find the process base address and get more information about it. It's useful if you want to make a process patch (i.e. trainers, loaders, ...)
Parsing Time in Minutes From a String This code gets the time in minutes starting from 12:00am to the time in the string. The string is in a HH:MMxx format. HH for hours, MM for minutes, and xx is either am or pm. It can be used to find the difference in minutes of any two times.
PV Smartphone Snake sample Classic Smartphone Snake Sample Game Application with source code example created in Microsoft eMbedded Tools VC++ 3.0. (eVC, eVC++, C/C++). Please take care and keep the original license agreement. Works on Windows Mobile Smartphone and Pocket PC :) You will need to include STL library!
PV Smartphone Homescreen Plugin So, there is very hard to find any Smartphone Homescreen Plugin example, so i decided to search for an example by myself and finally I have found already an example which I would like to share with you. Here is the source code... Please take care and keep the original license agreement. Created in Microsoft eMbedded Tools VC++ 3.0. (eVC, eVC++, C/C++) for Microsoft Windows Mobile enabled mobile phones. ----------------------------------- helloplug Sample Smartphone home screen plugin. See SDK docs on writing plugins. Note that nothing here is signed. You will have to add signing of the .dll and .cab file in order to use it on a device. See the security model documantation in the SDK. Source Files for the sample plugin: helloplug.cpp helloplug.def Sample home screen layout that uses the sample plugin: Common\Test.home.xml Setup .inf file: setup\helloplug.inf Example of running CabwizSP: setup\makecab.bat
simple P2P Gnutella code This is a simple P2P Gnutella code. This code connects to the Gnutella network and prints all queries it will receive
a Menu class (NO MFC) This class is used to manage your menus. You can create your menus, and set their image, etc.... Sorry but this code is writed and commented in spanish.
A good class to make any Window (NO MFC) This is a base class to build any window type. Its easy to use and support Dialogs and Windows in the same class. You need create your own class to heredate WindowClass , and you can create a windows with less time. Sorry but code is writed and commented in Spanish
Gradient Slider (NO MFC) This is a basic Slider tath can be Horizontal and Vertical. to paint this slider i have used the GradientFill function. This slider uses my WindowClass. This code is comented in spanish.
Instalator 0.5 (NO MFC) There is an Instalator. This project contains 2 executables. One is the executable tath selfextracts the files introduced in it. An other is the fusioner to add files to the Final executable. This project uses my WindowClass. Sorry but this code is commented in Spanish.
Basic ScreenSaver (NO MFC) This is a very basic screen saver that uses a . It uses a configure dialog.
Mailslots I was learning windows network prog the other day and I saw these great win feature called "mailslot" (my opinion) .Since I have never seen a similar tutorial I considered posting one. This is one of the simpliest networking solutions in windows and no :) has nothing to do with e-mail ....PS: VOTE FOR ME PEOPLE !!!!

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