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Web Email System
By drawing on Sep 1
Max Bid: Open to fair suggestions

Application layout + features
By drawing on Sep 1
Max Bid: Open to fair suggestions

VCPP ActiveX Control
By Ben Gray2 on Sep 1
Max Bid: $35

Webservice for deploying ASP.NET apps
By QUIET on Sep 1
Max Bid: Open to fair suggestions

C# Grid Editor
By QUIET on Sep 1
Max Bid: Open to fair suggestions

Japanese Project
By Ken R on Sep 1
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file information and save file function
Bid Request Id: 62005
Bookmark in my 'To Do' list
Posted by: A. Walter (64 ratings)
(Software buyer rating 10)
Non-action Ratio: Above Average - 26.72%
Buyer Security Verifications: Excellent
Approved on: May 7, 2003
8:12:53 PM EDT
Bidding Closes: May 11, 2003
8:12:21 PM EDT
Viewed (by coders): 328 times
Deadline: 5/14/2003
100% of work completed and accepted. Coder has been paid.
Max Accepted Bid: Bidding is closed
Project Type: Personal Project / Homework Help
Bidding Type: Open Auction
Categories: Windows, Visual Basic
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(0 active users at Sep 1, 2003 9:11:20 AM EDT)

I need two functions completed. The first function is the file information. For this one, the parameter would be the path of the file. Then it will return the entire contents, even if its binary like .gif, .jpg, etc. Then I need another function which is the file save function. For this one, the 2 parameters would be path and file contents. For this example, I want it where a person chooses a file. Then after going through the functions, it would then create a file called the same as the one chosen except it would have a 2 for example instead of just the name of the file. For me to accept the project, after running, I must be able to afterwards, open the files in the program associated with the file and be able to view it successfully. Using filecopy commands or using FSO is not acceptable for this project. I know it would be faster but that is not possible because I would use this to first get the file information, TCP the file to the server, then the server would then read the contents and save it to a file. Probably the file has to be opened as binary. I do not know how to capture the contents. That is what is needed.

The project that shows how to capture the contents of a file then save it as another file by reading the actual file, saving it into a variable, then putting that information into another file which can be used for transmitting the information between computers on the internet instead of the local network.
Updated information:
The format the data must be in is one where if sent even if there is other information as well, the file will be read properly. Here is an example of what I mean
Function filedata()
end function
sub main
winsock1.senddata "f" & chr(0) & filedata & chr(0) & filename & ".."
end sub
event dataarrival
winsock1.getdata strdata
dim whatorders as variant
whatorders=split(strdata, chr(0))
select case whatorders(0)
case "f"

enternewfile whatorders(2), whatorders(3)
end select
end sub
function enternewfile(filedata, filename)
'create file
newpath="c:\" & filename

end function
It should work as simply as this without corruption even if encryting needs to be used.

Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows XP

Must be 100% finished and received by buyer on:
May 14, 2003 EDT
Deadline legal notes: All times are expressed in the time zone of the site EDT (UT - 5). If the buyer omitted a time, then the deadline is 11:59:59 PM EDT on the indicated date.

Remember that contacting the other party outside of the site (by email, phone, etc.) on all business projects < $500 (before the buyer's money is escrowed) is a violation of both the software buyer and seller agreements. We monitor all site activity for such violations and can instantly expel transgressers on the spot, so we thank you in advance for your cooperation. If you notice a violation please help out the site and report it. Thanks for your help.
All monetary amounts on the site are in United States dollars.
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Name   Bid Amount 
Date   Coder Rating  
STAii Team
(15 ratings)
in Amman, Amman
Bid id: 665,535
$15 (USD) May 8, 2003
1:16:26 AM EDT
Greetings, We are a team of programmers, most of the applications we have made throughout our work in the last few years was connected to networking, therefore we understand what you need. The functions that we will deliver (if you accept us as your coders of course) will read the file exactly as it is (in binary), but we would suggest you first to make sure that the way you are sending the data over TCP does not have registered charachters (some programmers use methods to send data over TCP that uses certain charachters for certain 'meanings' like the end or start of a data chunk, if this is the case, we would have to make more complicated encrypting and decrypting functions to assure that everything goes alright, this may mean we will have to raise our bid ammount).
If you have a few minutes, please take your time to check our resume, ratings and feedback. Feel free to contact us for further information. Thank you, Sinan Taifour Developer and Team leader.
  See 5 private reply(ies)
to/from STAii Team.

This bid was accepted by the buyer!
STAii Team
(15 ratings)
in Amman, Amman
Bid id: 666,481
$30 (USD) May 8, 2003
11:52:02 AM EDT
This is the bid i am talking about, in case you want to work with us, please accept this bid.

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