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Text file formatting for quickbooks
By GeorgeChapin on Jul 30
Max Bid: $200

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By BMF Webmaster on Jul 30
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Thermostat web graphic / chart that will get hotte ...
By JRKlein on Jul 30
Max Bid: $25

Excel VBA macro for personal finance
By California Design on Jul 30
Max Bid: $20

Oracle Connection Pooling
By jeanpaul on Jul 30
Max Bid: $100

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Logo needed for software application
Bid Request Id: 28169
Bookmark in my 'To Do' list
Posted by: Adonis Technologies - Carl Mercier (6 ratings)
(Software buyer rating 10)
Non-action Ratio: Above Average - 44.44%
Buyer Security Verifications: Good
Approved on: Sep 20, 2002
9:13:31 PM EDT
Bidding Closes: Oct 4, 2002
9:27:01 PM EDT
Viewed (by coders): 488 times
100% of work completed and accepted. Coder has been paid.
Max Accepted Bid: Bidding is closed
Project Type: Personal Project / Homework Help
Bidding Type: Open Auction
Categories: Graphics / Art / Music, MultiMedia, Art (Misc.), Graphics
Enter chat room for this bid request
(0 active users at Jul 31, 2003 11:09:14 AM EDT)

Logo needed for a soon-to-be-released software application.

Application Name: Adonis
Version Name: 2003 (most likely. If you have suggestions, do not hesitate!)
Full Name: Adonis 2003
Software purpose: Adonis is a camp management software (ie: summer camps).

What the logo should be: The logo should be simple and professionnal. It must print well in black and white and in color. I do need a -color- logo. It should not necessarily represent what the software is about, altough it could (would be a plus in my opinion). It should be easy to read and distinguish.

What the logo should NOT be: The logo should not have too many colors. 2 colors is most likely the most color you will want to use. It should not look "kiddie drawn".

Format: The logo should be made and delivered in Adobe Illustrator format (.AI).

Placing a bid: Please send me some logos you have made when placing your bid. This will help me choose a bidder. You may also want to send me drafts.

Release payment: I will release payment only if I judge that the logo is what I was looking for and that I will actually use it. I don't want to pay for a logo that I don't like or that I am not going to use because it's not "quite it".

Delivery: I expect the logo to be ready about one week after attributing the job to someone. If you can't deliver it this fast, let me know and we may be able to take an arrangement.

1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done.

2) Installation package that will install the software (in ready-to-run condition) on the platform(s) specified in this bid request.

3) Complete ownership and distribution copyrights to all work purchased.


Special Conditions / Other:
See description.

Remember that contacting the other party outside of the site (by email, phone, etc.) on all business projects < $500 (before the buyer's money is escrowed) is a violation of both the software buyer and seller agreements. We monitor all site activity for such violations and can instantly expel transgressers on the spot, so we thank you in advance for your cooperation. If you notice a violation please help out the site and report it. Thanks for your help.
All monetary amounts on the site are in United States dollars.
Rent a Coder is a closed auction, so coders can only see their own bids and comments. Buyers can view every posting made on their bid requests.

See all rejected bids (and all comments)
Name   Bid Amount 
Date   Coder Rating  
(17 ratings)
in PUNE, Maharashtra
Bid id: 318,739
$25 (USD) Sep 22, 2002
5:49:27 AM EDT
I wish to work on this project, and capable to turn around it in your time frame.
Attached please find few concepts for your logo. If you have some other vision in your mind for the logo, kindly explaint it to me.
We can definately work out more concepts if you want.

Looking forward to work with you.

Thanks & regards
Attached File
  See 2 private reply(ies)
to/from abhisun.

(17 ratings)
in PUNE, Maharashtra
Bid id: 319,384
N/A Sep 23, 2002
1:42:33 AM EDT
Dear Carl,
Thanks for the appreciation of my work. I received your feedback. I will work on the colorschemes of the logos which I sent you earlier. And also will make few options to modify your version 1 logo with folder.
Will be sending you few options shortly.


(17 ratings)
in PUNE, Maharashtra
Bid id: 320,243
N/A Sep 23, 2002
2:24:25 PM EDT
Here I am with some more work for you. Actually I liked the subject of your software. So went on doing more options for your earlier logo(With Folder)
I agreed with your feedback of Red & Black color scheme, so have tried some soothing color schemes which definately goes with the subject of logo.

(Some where I have used three colors, as I found it necessary to make them more catchy)

Kindly have a look at them and let me know.

Attached File
  See 1 private reply(ies)
to/from abhisun.

(17 ratings)
in PUNE, Maharashtra
Bid id: 320,928
N/A Sep 24, 2002
2:03:10 AM EDT
I am ready to lower the amount of my bid. But personally I feel 25$ is fare amount for the real good original concepts of logo. And believe me I always put my great efforts to make it outstanding. I will provide you all the required file formats of this logo.

Still if you really feel the amount is little higher, kindly suggest me the Bid amount, Which feets in your budget alloted for this project and I am ready to do the work at that price.

Because I want to build good clients.

I have prepared to work for you.
And I will place a new bid of the amount suggested by you.(Please make it as higher as possible :))

Thanks & Regards
  See 1 private reply(ies)
to/from abhisun.

This bid was accepted by the buyer!
(17 ratings)
in PUNE, Maharashtra
Bid id: 322,260
$10 (USD) Sep 25, 2002
1:55:57 AM EDT
Dear Carl,
This is an official bid for the your project 'Logo Design'
I assure you to satisfy with quality & highest level of standards in my work.
We can start work immidiately on this project.

Thanks & Regards
  See 10 private reply(ies)
to/from abhisun.

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