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By Vegmite on Aug 17
Max Bid: Open to fair suggestions

Casino Game Bugz
By Peter LEwis on Aug 16
Max Bid: Open to fair suggestions

Customized Dj Buttons (OCX)
By z0rQuE on Aug 16
Max Bid: $40

Web Code for Form/Mailing List
By GetUsedParts on Aug 16
Max Bid: $500

Need Proxies, (an opportunity for recurring buying ...
By , on Aug 16
Max Bid: Open to fair suggestions

Simple Shopping Cart w/ Paypal and p ...
By Barney on Aug 16
Max Bid: Open to fair suggestions

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NEED HELP w/ easy JAVA homework
Bid Request Id: 17425
Bookmark in my 'To Do' list
Posted by: GenXcoder (8 ratings)
(Software buyer rating 9.25)
Non-action Ratio: Very Good - 8.33%
Buyer Security Verifications: Good
Approved on: May 27, 2002
7:09:14 PM EDT
Bidding Closes: May 28, 2002
7:45:00 PM EDT
Viewed (by coders): 214 times
Deadline: 5/28/2002 7:00:00 PM
100% of work completed and accepted. Coder has been paid.
Max Accepted Bid: Bidding is closed
Project Type: Personal Project / Homework Help
Bidding Type: Open Auction
Categories: Windows, Language Specific, Java, Platforms
Enter chat room for this bid request
(0 active users at Aug 17, 2003 7:04:48 AM EDT)

Only three small console programs that I don't have the time to do!!! You must finish them within 24 hours of bid acceptance!!!

Part I:

Write a console program to perform binary addition on 8-bit binary numbers and converts the result to a decimal number. Binary addition is based on 4 simple rules on 1-bit numbers.

1 (carry)
0 0 1 1
+ 0 +1 +0 +1
---- --- ---- -----
0 1 1 10

Thus, if we wanted to add 1001 + 0011, the resulting binary number is 1100. To convert 1100 to a decimal number, we use the following procedure.

1*23 + 1*22 + 0*21 + 0*20 = 12

There are cases when the result of adding together two binary numbers exceeds the amount of storage space. For example, suppose we can only handle 4-bit numbers. Consider the following situation.

1 1 1 (carry)
1 1 0 1
+ 0 1 0 1
1 0 0 1 0

In the above situation, 5 bits are needed to store the result. Since we only have space for 4-bits, this is an overflow error. Your program must also detect this situation. For us, overflow occurs if it takes more than 8-bits to store the result of the binary addition.

See attachment for sample input/output!
Part II:

Write a console program with the following specifications.

Declare a matrix (table) of type double and with constant dimensions, n and m, where n is 5 rows and m is 7 columns.

Write a method that fills the matrix with random (integer) numbers between -25 and 50, inclusive.
Write a method that prints the matrix with all entries.

The program must generate the matrix and print it, then repeatedly ask the user to select an option and perform what the user selected.

The available options are as follows:

Multiply the entries of a row by a number. (The user must enter the row number and factor).
Multiply each entry in one row by a factor and add the result to the corresponding entry (same column) in another row. (The user must enter the row numbers and factor).

Swap two rows. (The user must enter the row numbers).
Print the matrix.

If the user enters an invalid selection, you must print a warning message and ask the user to try again.

The main() method in your program must be a driver that calls other methods. It must be short (approximately five lines) and must not contain computations or loops.

See attachment for sample input/output!
Part III:

Write a console program that sets up a String variable containing a paragraph of text of your choice. Extract the words from the text and sort them into alphabetical order. Display the sorted list of words. You could use a simple sorting method called the Bubble sort. To sort an array into ascending order the process is as follows:

Starting with the first element in the array compare successive elements (0 and 1, 1 and 2, 2 and 3, and so on).

If the first element of any pair is greater than the second, interchange the two elements.
Repeat the process for the whole array until no interchanges are necessary. The array elements will now be in ascending order.

Programs must be able to be run in the Java 2 SDK v1.4.0.

I need a complete and fully-functional working program in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done, and DETAILED DOCUMENTATION in headers of functions/classes. Complete copyrights to all work purchased.

Windows 9x, NT, 2000

Must be 100% finished and received by buyer on:
May 28, 2002 7:00:00 PM EDT
Deadline legal notes: All times are expressed in the time zone of the site EDT (UT - 5). If the buyer omitted a time, then the deadline is 11:59:59 PM EDT on the indicated date.

Special Conditions / Other:
THIS PROJECT MUST BE DONE BEFORE 5pm EST on Tuesday, May 28, 2002!!!!

Additional Files:
This bid request includes IMPORTANT additional attached files. Please download and read fully before bidding.

Remember that contacting the other party outside of the site (by email, phone, etc.) on all business projects < $500 (before the buyer's money is escrowed) is a violation of both the software buyer and seller agreements. We monitor all site activity for such violations and can instantly expel transgressers on the spot, so we thank you in advance for your cooperation. If you notice a violation please help out the site and report it. Thanks for your help.
All monetary amounts on the site are in United States dollars.
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Name   Bid Amount 
Date   Coder Rating  
This bid was accepted by the buyer!
(75 ratings)
in Baia Mare, Maramures
Bid id: 189,936
$25 (USD) May 27, 2002
8:14:20 PM EDT

I am the Java Expert you need. check my ratings, I am in rentacoder top 50 coders.

I will finish it in maximum 1 hour. I am online now for about 4 hours more, so if you accept the bid you will have the programs asap.

I will keep the code as simple as possible, and will be full commented so that one could understand it very easy.

but I'm sure you'll have no problems with that :)

everyone rated me 10, so you won't be dissapointed.

hope you will make the right choice,

  See 4 private reply(ies)
to/from hernest.

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