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Read a Usenet Group on a web page
By corbing on Jul 10
Max Bid: Open to fair suggestions

Windows Service - Loads background Web page
By ironcladsecure on Jul 10
Max Bid: Open to fair suggestions

Cobol conversion
By 2good2 on Jul 10
Max Bid: Open to fair suggestions

Non-Profit web site backend DB
By stnwall on Jul 10
Max Bid: Open to fair suggestions

Professional Realty WebSite (<a href=" cool flash design needed FAST!(repost)
By adrianbye on Jul 10
Max Bid: Open to fair suggestions

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About Sanatan

Name:  Sanatan
(see 46 ratings)
  in amritsar, punjab

Seller / Coder Rating:  9.28 (Superb)
Sign up date:  Nov 29, 2001 2:52:26 PM EDT
Last Logged In:  Jul 6, 2003 11:14:34 AM EDT
Jobs Started:  54
Jobs Completed:  53
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Warnings Issued:
Arbitrations Lost:  (out of 6 Arbitrations)
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Areas Of Expertise: 
c,c++, java, vb, web designing


NAME : Mr. Sanatan Chhabra



2001-Till Now Master of Computer Application (M.C.A.) , Punjab College
Of Information Technology, Patiala.
Aggregate Percentage 80.5%, Computer Practicals 88%

1998-2001 Bachelor of Computer Application (B.C.A.), M.M.Modi
College , Patiala .
Aggregate Percentage 60% ,Computer Practicals 87%

1996-1998 10+2 D.A.V. College , Amritsar
Aggregate Percentage 60%

1995-1996 10 th , St.Francis School (Convent) ,Amritsar , (I.C.S.E)
Indian Certificate Of Secondary Education New Delhi .
Aggregate Percentage 70%


1. Automation of Payroll System of Multani Mal Modi College,Patiala.

2. Development of Image Compression Software based on Huffman
Coding for Medical College, Patiala Punjab.

3. Project for the maintenance of records of employees

Adobe PhotoShop
DOS, Windows 9X ,UNIX

CERTIFICATIONS : Brainbench Certification for 'C' language.

ExpertRating Certified Professional for 'C' language.


(1) COMPANY NAME : Digital Devices, Bathinda, Punjab, India
(Feb 98- Aug 99)

DESIGNATION : Software Programmer


Team member of Software Projects and was
responsible for the coding, testing and
debugging of the softwares.

LANGUAGES : C , C++, Java

(2) COMPANY NAME : Varkey Enterprises, Patiala, Punjab, India
(Sept 99- Till date)

DESIGNATION : Software Programmer & Designer


Team leader of Software Projects and was
responsible for the designing in various packages
and development of different softwares.

LANGUAGES : Java , C++ , C

PACKAGES : Corel Draw 5, Adobe PhotoShop 5

(3) COMPANY NAME : Exhedra Solutions Inc., Tampa, Florida, U.S.A.
(Sept 01- Till date)

DESIGNATION : Freelancer working offsite from India


I have done over 45 projects for different
buyers from all over the world i.e. U.S.A., U.K.,
Canada, New Zealand. I have an average rating of
9.4 out of 10 in this site. Each buyer rates a
particular coder after the completion of the job.

LANGUAGES : C++ , C, Java , VB, HTML, DHTML, Javascript

PACKAGES : Swish, Corel 5, Adobe PhotoShop 5, Ulead 3D Cool,
MS-Office 2000



Winner of Online Software Development at a tech-festival held by
Tech society of Punjabi University, Patiala. This was a Punjab
State level competition.


FATHER'S NAME : Mr. Kapil Chhabra

DATE OF BIRTH : 27-06-1980



Rent A Coder Work History
All ratings and comments are the opinion of the poster and do not reflect the official view of Rent A Coder.

Rated For Rated By Rating Bid Amount Rated On
  Bonus for Sanatan on 7/3/2003 7:08:21 AM gregnyce None Given $25.00 July 3, 2003 7:10:21 AM EDT
  Bonus for Sanatan on 6/23/2003 4:49:09 PM gregnyce None Given $55.00 June 23, 2003 4:52:41 PM EDT
  Private auction for Sanatan on 6/5/2003 6:13:22 AM gregnyce 10
$75.00 June 16, 2003 12:09:14 AM EDT
  Private auction for Sanatan on 6/1/2003 11:14:44 PM gregnyce 10
$75.00 June 15, 2003 11:46:17 PM EDT
  Private auction for Sanatan on 6/1/2003 11:09:41 PM gregnyce 10
$75.00 June 14, 2003 7:19:37 AM EDT
  Private auction for Sanatan on 5/15/2003 11:52:18 PM gregnyce 10
$50.00 May 24, 2003 8:12:11 AM EDT
  Excellent work as usual.
  Private auction for Sanatan on 5/17/2003 6:43:40 AM gregnyce 10
$50.00 May 22, 2003 6:36:26 AM EDT
  Very good work and on time.
  Content for website related to Computer Networking I am your friend 8
(Very Good)
$200.00 April 22, 2003 11:50:12 PM EDT
  Veru good coder , project completed on time
  Biology Paper and Project Ian Ippolito (RAC) 3
$35.00 April 22, 2003 1:29:18 PM EDT
  The coder did not complete the project as the buyer stated in the description by the deadline.
  C code, tail VIN007 8
(Very Good)
$10.00 April 21, 2003 8:12:06 AM EDT
  Bonus for Sanatan on 4/19/2003 4:55:11 PM gregnyce None Given $15.00 April 19, 2003 4:58:36 PM EDT
  Web Design Help #2 gregnyce 10
$85.00 April 12, 2003 4:24:40 PM EDT
  Web Design Help #1 gregnyce 10
$85.00 April 12, 2003 3:18:29 PM EDT
  468x60 flah banner mx6 10
$10.00 April 9, 2003 7:13:39 PM EDT
  Timely response and solid work.
  Personal hompage rj4567 10
$200.00 April 5, 2003 1:20:38 PM EDT
  Great coder. Completed the work fast and according to specifications. I'd definitely use him again.
  Private auction for Sanatan on 3/26/2003 5:53:42 AM SkyeTech 7
$20.00 March 29, 2003 5:15:28 AM EDT
  Did not really give me what I asked for. I provided the algorithms and they were not incorporated into the program. Did not ask questions. The program was set up easy enough for me to understand it and incorporate my algorithms.
$300.00 March 20, 2003 11:13:44 AM EDT
  Coder was unable to complete the project. I asked him to please explain why but he never gave an explanation.
  C work VIN007 10
$20.00 March 10, 2003 12:07:14 PM EDT
  Software Engineering Journal FTM 10
$100.00 February 4, 2003 7:23:37 AM EDT
  Coder was fast efficient produced a high standard of work would work with again
  numerical analysis of ODE'S Dena None Given $125.00 January 20, 2003 10:20:01 AM EDT
  Exam Progam StationOne None Given $500.00 January 16, 2003 7:10:59 PM EDT
  Exam Progam Addon StationOne None Given $1,000.00 January 12, 2003 9:07:41 PM EDT
  Bonus for Sanatan on 12/15/2002 7:32:02 PM gregnyce None Given $50.00 December 15, 2002 7:35:34 PM EDT
  Assembly project for Sanatan gregnyce 10
$100.00 December 15, 2002 7:24:27 PM EDT
  Concert Hall Booking System Jaxxsuxx 10
$100.00 December 14, 2002 3:29:28 PM EDT
  Binary Expression Tree 72255 10
$60.00 December 8, 2002 1:07:56 PM EDT
  Wow, I had a really short time schedule and the coder still managed to deliver excellent work ahead of time!
  2-3 Tree Ian Ippolito (RAC) None Given $60.00 November 26, 2002 2:25:35 PM EDT
  Both parties agreed to cancel this prematurely because the deadline has passed.
  2-3 Tree Rhino2 10
$60.00 November 25, 2002 11:01:38 AM EDT
  Very good coder and hard worker, highly recommended.
  metric conversion BigJJ 10
$40.00 November 22, 2002 12:57:41 PM EDT
  Excellent coder, did everything to my specifications, I will definitely consider Mr. Sanatan for my future programming needs. I will also refer him to any of my friends who may need some programming assistance. He is a great programmer, and responds quickly.
  Private auction for Sanatan on 11/14/2002 11:30:27 AM kababoom 10
$50.00 November 18, 2002 9:47:02 AM EDT
  Very friend; patient & fast coder Highly recommended A****
  Quantitative Analysis Help PetCity 10
$15.00 November 15, 2002 11:21:17 AM EDT
  The question completed for me was very thorough and complete. It was completed in a way that I can understand how to do the work myself. Thank you. I would like to work with you again.
  Re: Simple website wif database kababoom 10
$110.00 November 14, 2002 7:59:09 AM EDT
  Very friendly emails, helpful & very fast respond & fast coder able to complete the job on time.
Highly recommended. A+++++
  modular C for simplifying expressions partyman 9
$50.00 November 14, 2002 4:29:47 AM EDT
  coder communicated good and was always available to help me. coder tries hardest to please you.
  Need Logo for Company dadress 10
$25.00 November 12, 2002 8:24:21 PM EDT
  This work for for a difficult client and the developer had the patients and understanding...I will use again!
  Phonebook Jaxxsuxx 8
(Very Good)
$100.00 November 9, 2002 10:37:01 AM EDT
  C++ expression evaluator partyman 9
$30.00 October 30, 2002 12:42:34 PM EDT
  The coder tried very hard to resolve problems with his code. Good communication on the coder's side. Very patient and responsive. I will still use this coder in the future.
  Bonus for Sanatan on 10/13/2002 4:30:44 AM Madhu Sadhana None Given $9.00 October 13, 2002 4:33:04 AM EDT
  Private auction for Sanatan on 10/9/2002 1:58:30 PM Madhu Sadhana 10
$30.00 October 10, 2002 2:21:59 PM EDT
  Private auction for Sanatan on 9/26/2002 9:56:25 AM partyman 10
$20.00 September 29, 2002 2:23:07 AM EDT
  Once again Sanatan proved himself to be worth every dollar. Great completion time. Great communication. Use this coder. He's a very well rounded coder. Thanks Sanatan!!!
  Urgent assignment Max Lui 7
$10.00 September 26, 2002 2:00:47 PM EDT
  Genetic Algorithms & measuring individuals for mating partyman 10
$60.00 September 24, 2002 3:43:06 PM EDT
  Sanatan is a great coder and worker. He provided answers to my questions even after he completed the project. His ongoing assistance and effort to work through a buyer's concerns and understanding of a project, are wonderful! I will be glad to work with this coder in the future.
  Color Blend Ian Ippolito (RAC) 10
$60.00 September 23, 2002 9:28:38 AM EDT
  Private auction for sanatan on 9/11/2002 5:33:35 AM Madhu Sadhana 10
$35.00 September 21, 2002 12:40:20 AM EDT
  I will notify you when my prof. will accept it...
  DFD ER diagram + Prototype Madhu Sadhana 10
$45.00 September 15, 2002 3:16:11 AM EDT
  He is doing the tings very fast and nice, He needs to have a chance for some good projects....
  Principal colbreezecolins 10
$10.00 September 10, 2002 7:49:10 AM EDT
  great coder, very fast. Would definetly recommend or work with again.
  Black Jack Project(for sanatan) Flyer 7
$30.00 July 28, 2002 12:20:22 PM EDT
  The coder submitted the initial version of the code a few days before the deadline, but with apparent bugs in it, he rectified all the bugs 5 days after the deadline for the due date had passed, at which point I had no use for the code he gave me.
  Evolving a multilayer perceptron for the XOR task bella 10
$55.00 July 13, 2002 6:54:23 AM EDT
  very good job
  Max-Heapify sapphire 9
$13.00 June 11, 2002 4:56:34 PM EDT
  Excellent turn around time.
  process simulation Rabit None Given $60.00 June 7, 2002 6:24:59 AM EDT
  2 dimentional link list ( data structure) alzoub1 10
$10.00 May 24, 2002 4:34:50 PM EDT
  excellent job
  relativity :how has our understanding of the universe been influenced? Dena 10
$30.00 May 16, 2002 10:50:39 PM EDT
  Excellent Work!!!!!
  Item display BalanusBob 10
$10.00 April 18, 2002 6:27:30 PM EDT
  excellent work with two solutions in a short period of time.
  C++ program to implement a list ADT as linked list x-linux None Given $5.00 April 16, 2002 6:43:52 AM EDT
  EASY Binary Tree questions Brickle None Given $13.00 April 14, 2002 10:21:08 AM EDT
  Sanatan did not complete work. 36 hours after work was to be due I have yet to hear from them.
  3000 word essay mmm12 10
$15.00 March 30, 2002 8:42:24 AM EDT
  Round Robin simulation using C++ dixon 9
$25.00 March 23, 2002 4:53:04 AM EDT
  good response.
  Relational Algebra expression and relational domain calculus salapaw 10
$4.00 March 4, 2002 1:20:39 PM EDT
  Delivered on time. Smooth communications. A+
  Three Small C++ Programs (Again) WorryNot 10
$8.00 February 9, 2002 6:54:18 PM EDT
  I had no problems with this coder. Coder codes was as requested, and code was good code, not just requested output. I was a little pressed for time, and feel as if I did not give the coder enough time to respond back to me. I am looking forward to working with this coder in the future. I will give this coder another job, so look for my response from the next job to get an accurate rating.
Average:   9.28
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