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Welcome To DirectX 4 VB! Multimedia Visual Basic at its best...


Welcome to DirectX4VB, your source for DirectX and multimedia programming in Visual Basic. Please look through the sites extensive selection of tutorials and feel free to make any comments and ask any questions you feel you need to.

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Latest Update :
Saturday 1st June

A big update this time around - 5 new top-quality reviews for you to read; 2 new tutorials from Marius Schmidt and a new code entry by me.

Radeon 8500 Review - I've got a developer-orientated review of this brilliant piece of hardware. Read the full 3 page review starting here

4 New book reviews:
 - Game Programming All In One
 - Realtime Rendering Tricks and Techniques in DirectX
 - The Zen of Direct3D Game Programming
 - Game Design: The Art & Business of creating games

And 3 entries for the 'Code Bin' - including 2 updated tutorials, and a sample of full-screen motion blurring with Direct3D8.


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Recent Additions:
01/06/02 - Full Screen Motion Blur Added
14/05/02 - nth Degree patches source code
10/05/02 - Cubic Patches for Terrain Rendering
04/03/02 - Simple D3D Shadows and reflections demo (168kb) uploaded.

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