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Paged Record Using GetRows Method


Submitted on: 10/3/2002 7:33:02 AM
By: Muhannad Yousef 
Level: Advanced
User Rating: Unrated
Compatibility:VB 6.0

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     Paging through Records using a GetRows and PageSize,PageCount,AbsolutePage

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4) You will abide by any additional copyright restrictions which the author may have placed in the article or article's description.
As an ASP developer, I am constantly looking for new source code examples that will help make my job easier. Of course, using someone else's examples is far simpler than enduring the pain of the development process. One of the examples I have seen on various sites involves paging through recordsets on a web page N records at a time. Most developers want to do this rather than present the entire recordset on a single page. First, this has the advantage of making faster page loads for site visitors, and secondly it makes for nicer pages. All of the examples I have seen use client-side cursors to move to an absolute page in the recordset. While this works quite nicely, there is one disadvantage that developers don't consider. In most cases, the server where the database resides is separate from the web server. Whenever a request is made to the database server, it returns the entire recordset to the web server, which then uses the client-side cursor to only select the group of records requested for the given page. This does not seem like a problem until you consider what happens when you are working with large databases and multiple concurrent users. If you are only requesting 40 records at a time from a 100,000 record database table, and you have 5 people make the same request, you are now sending 500,000 records to the web server for only 200 records of output to the client. This can be an enormous problem! i solved this problem by using both GetRows method and PageSize,PageCount,AbsolutePage, here is the search function, ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Function Search (KW as string,m__CurPage as long,m__RPerPage as long)
con.Open Connection_string Q = "SELECT itmID,ItmName,ItmUrl,ItmAbout From Information where ItmName like '%" & KW & "'%" rs.CursorLocation = adUseClient rs.Open Q, con, adOpenDynamic, adLockOptimistic rs.PageSize = m__RPerPage Total_Pages = rs.PageCount rs.AbsolutePage = m__CurPage m_RecordFound = rs.RecordCount If Not rs.EOF Then SearchArr = rs.GetRows(m__RPerPage, rs.Bookmark) Search = SearchArr End If
con.Close End Function
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- with this code there is no load on the web server, all the loads moves to the Database. the function here take 3 paremeter, the first one is the search Keyword and the second one is the page number,and the 3rd one is the number of record per page, the function return a two dimensional array contains the number of record depend on the 3rd parameter.

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Other User Comments
10/3/2002 12:15:05 PM:
Hi, how is there no load on the web server? All the data is loaded into a client side cursor and then the paging is done on the server.
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