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Latest Code Ticker for ASP/ VbScript
Click here to see a screenshot of this code!Upload Files Without COM v3
By Lewis Moten on 9/1

(Screen Shot)

By Chris Read on 9/1

uk date format
By dominic doherty on 8/31

Click here to see a screenshot of this code!Event Bubbling (User Control)
By *CodeWarrior* on 8/29

(Screen Shot)

EXE Starter
By Tiago Ramalho on 8/29

Click here to see a screenshot of this code!Catálogo de Livros, CDs e DVDs
By Tiago Ramalho on 8/29

(Screen Shot)

Click here to see a screenshot of this code!ASP File Upload v1.5
By Doug Tyson on 8/29

(Screen Shot)

Editing and updating dynamically created checkboxes with data from the db
By Purnima Jain on 8/29

Multiple Unique Random Numbers
By Soren Winslow on 8/28

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Bio As CEO:

I am the CEO of Exhedra Solutions, Inc. After working for a number of years in the Information Technology business for companies like Siemens, GTE, R.W. Beck and Associates I founded Exhedra in 1996.

The idea for my first product came when I discovered how difficult it is to create Windows Help files. The resulting program--Help Maker Plus--quickly became an award winning product recognized by companies like ZDNet and Compuserve for its ease of use.

In 1997, the idea for my second product came to me when I was unable to locate any quality websites for source code--which are the building blocks of all computer programs. I created one of the web's earliest interactive public source-code libraries on a website called Planet Source Code ( It soon won accolades from Microsoft, Netscape and numerous other companies ( and quickly grew in size as well. Today it houses over 5 million lines of source code and receives over 9 million page-views per month from over 1.5 million coders who visit each month.

In 2001, I realized that I was turning down quite a bid of custom work, because I could only handle so much on my limited spare time. This observation germinated into an idea for a site where buyers of custom software and coders could come together in a marketplace. The resulting site, Rent a Coder ( grew quickly and today, just a year later, safely facilitates an average of 1,217 successful computer projects a month, and has been recognized by the Wall Street Journal (,,SB1023052957259844360,00.html) as a company exemplifying the shift of power to the new world-wide digital economy.

Bio As a Developer:

I have 9+ years of experience in the IT industry in progressive roles from software developer, architect, team lead, project leader to independent consultant. I specialize in n-tier and web-based applications.

I am a frequent contributing editor to Ziff Davis's "Active Developer" and "Inside Visual Basic" ( magazines and I am also the creator of (over 9 million page views/month) and Finally, I'm certified in Visual Basic (desktop applications as well as distributed applications), and Front Page.


In my rare moments of spare time, I love to lift weights and play golf.


Microsoft Certified Professional
Microsoft Visual Basic for Desktop Applications Certified
Microsoft Visual Basic for Distributed Applications Certified
Microsoft Visual Interdev Certified
Microsoft Front Page Certified
Who’s Who in American Colleges
Who’s Who in American High Schools

I am highly proficient in the following:

Visual Basic.NET, Visual Basic 6.0, SQL Server 2000, Active Server Pages, ASP.NET, Internet sites, E-commerce and payment systems.


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