Bugs in Internet Explorer 5.x
(includes 5.0, 5.1, and 5.5)

     You are running an old internet browser (Internet Explorer v5.x) that Microsoft has found a number of bugs in. These bugs will not only cause problems for you on some of the advanced features of Rent A Coder (like posting bids and attachments), but also exposes you to security risks on all sites on the Internet.

     Microsoft provides new and upgraded versions of its software for no charge via download from the Internet, or via CD for a nominal charge.  You are highly recommended to take advantage of all the latest bug fixes and security advances by downloading the free newest version of Internet Explorer at:


How do I determine what version of Internet Explorer I am running?

  • Go to the "Help" menu in Internet Explorer and choose the "About" submenu. 
  • Your version # will be listed on the screen that pops up.  If it starts with 5, then you have an old version.

Known Bugs in IE 5.0 that will cause problems on Rent a Coder

Other bugs including severe security flaws that have been fixed: