To register by check

1)Send the following information

a)Your Program Serial# (On the first screen of WWW Help Wizard)

b)Your Name

c)Your Email address (if any--so I can send
you back your passcode faster)

d)Your Mailing Address
e)(If you dont mind saying:Where you found WWW Help Wizard(World wide web page/Compuserve/AOL/friend)

f)and a check for $75 to:

Ian Ippolito
2038 Bearss Avenue East
Suite #504
Tampa, FL 33613

PLEASE do not make the check out to World Wide Web Help Wizard! My bank will not cashchecks to a fictitious name, and I will be forced to return your check--furtherdelaying your registration!

2)I will email or regular mail you the bypass code
mentioned above when I receive your order.


Last updated on Saturday, May 30, 1998 at 9:17 AM
Contact :Ian Ippolito
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