Help Maker Plus
Create Windows help files with the ease of point and click!
Now Available for Office 2000!

If you have a program that you want to look professional, a help file is a must! But to make them from scratch requires you to master complex RTF code sequences, help.PRJ file format, and the Microsoft help compiler...and even after all that it's often a matter of trial and error just to get one to look half decent!
But not any more! Anyone who can use Microsoft Word can now make their own Help files with Help Maker Plus (tm)! In seconds you'll be creating help topics, hypertext jumps, and special effects like pop-up windows, secondary windows and fixed regions--with the ease of pointing and clicking! Create multi-media extravaganzas with sounds, movies, and links to other programs--in moments! Help Maker Plus (tm) handles all of the hard stuff for you--you can even compile without ever leaving Word! Also, Help Maker Plus (tm) includes the latest and greatest version of the Microsoft Help Compiler and comes with an extensive documentation that will explain exactly what a help file is, as well as provide you with a list of Microsoft compiler error codes.