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Submit a form in a new window A great little script to make a form submit in a new window, so original page doesn't change.
Toggle child rows in HTML table [Expanding divs] DHTML method of expanding / contracting divs. Seen all the time in DHTML menus but in this case used to expand a child row of further details for a customer details grid. Very easy to use within a dynamic page, just create a unique div ID with an incrementing variable for each row and the clientside function handles the rest . IE4 +
News Ticker with typewriter effect Sophisticated news ticker. simple yet very effective typewriter type effect. linked items only become active when the line has been rendered. Any amount of items can be added to the text/href array pairs. Ideal for adapting for dynamic feeds.
Dynamically populate an HTML select control Often the items of a select control on a form will be dependant on the selectedIndex of a different control. this function allows this to be handled without a server trip. to be truly useful the various arrays of items for the dependant control would need to be populated by server-side scripting but this is still a good example of the coding required
ASP Database Drop Down Menu View Here Gets the menu items from a database writes them to a webpage to make a drop down menu. Please comment / suggest any ways to improve! Thanks
Show form values in metric or imperial Display a form's values in either metric or inch format. As this was developed for an online CADCAM application the precision is fairly high, 3 decimal places for the metric format and 5 decimal places for the imperial.
Validate an HTML form control against a database without submission I was fed up with entering a username on various websites, posting the form only for it to return with a server posted message that the username was already in use. This function will alert the user if the value he had entered was found to be already existing without the form being submitted. Later flavours of I.E. only
Cricket Trivia 1.0 A little something for cricket fans out there. Its a cricket trivia. First version.
Fixed Column Headers This code sets a table with fixed column titles and allows to scroll the table details. I managed to make it work under IE 5+ and Mozilla 1+.
Disable right click on images only Cool script that disables right clicking on images only to prevent easy theft.
Student Fee System This is a Filing Base Data Base, which actually hold the informations about the student fee.
Java Applet Clock A real lightweight GUI Clock Applet built with java.awt that displays the (client) local time in hours, minutes, seconds and the date. This, unlike many I have seen in java and in other languages, has no additional image data overhead and NO FLICKER.
Bouncy Balls Applet that produces a specified number of balls that bounce off the walls. Pretty boring but good for beginners to learn off of.
Javascript Exception Handling Illustrates using exception handling in javascript. Have you ever wondered how to display an error without crashing your code?... ... Now you can! :)
Oracle BLOB object writer Writes BLOB objects to ORACLE database tables. The default is to write all table row data within the Java code, but the SQL can be altered so that only the blob object is written to an existing row.
Disable Right Click in NS4+ and IE Disables right click in IE, and NS4+. It's short and simple...
Puzzle This is game is after your puzzle skills. You should complete it as fast as possible.
XpMenu v2.1 Mimics An Office Xp Menu. Fixed gaps within selected menu borders, and added shadow and fade-in effects on IE browsers. Added script generator. For installation, refer to sample html example.
Java GUI Creation With EASE To provide easy production of GUI(Graphical User Interface). Allows you to create JTabbedPane, JCheckBox, JRadioButton, JToggleButton, JPanal, JFrame, and JButton with ease. Wont be updated.
macro processor this code is a preprocessor

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