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Using the API in visual basic Using the API in visual basic [ Re Uploaded ? spelling error ?] [thanks vlad] Teaches you the basics of the window's API and how to use it with Visual Basic [ Beginner ]
Message Scroll Makes a bunch of messages you choose scroll across the screen and fade in and out! Just some project I did for fun. :)
VbAmp Player This is a general purpose media player implemented as a VB Add-in which is "directly" using DirectShow interfaces. Capable of playing avi/mpeg-1/mpeg-2 videos and wav/mp3 audio files. You'll need the codecs of course :-)) and are couple of addresses to start. VbAmp Player supports BSPlayer playlist files, drag and drop of files from explorer. Please report bugs and problems and don't forget to leave your votes! P.S. also, check out the new version 1.2 of Outlook Bar control at;=1 - everyone consider yourself notified :-))
Save a picture with your file format!!!NOT SAVEPICTURE COMMAND!!must see. I save a picture to a file without savepicture command.The file size depends from the picture's size.I give you some pictures with the zip. Just select your picture and click save Or click load to load THIS FILE.
CSV to BDGrid to Excel Copies a csv file to a dbgrid & exports to an Excel file. Then formats the Excel file. Made my own progress bar. Found out it is much faster to populate an Excel sheet from a csv file that from any type of grid display. Looks pretty cool. If you find it use full or interesting, vote for me. Also, make sure you input the right amount of fields.
Need Free Technical Support? I have just finished the BETA version of PSCode VB Chat! - I included both the SERVER and CLIENT SOURCE CODE (Copyrighted!!!) for your use. However i am needing someone to host a 24/7 Server and possibly some backup servers as well. If you would like to do so: My AIM SN is: bUrNeDtOaSt02 My Email is: Please include your ip address as well - i will make a dns redirect to it. Thank You, vbDude2002
Example of a fun Easter Egg Form I am a guy who still loves the tradition of putting easter eggs in programs. I know some think they are a waste of code but hey, they are a fun way of letting a developer personalize his work. The form in this demo is just a fun example of one that I added to one of my projects. I just thought I would share something simple like this. Maybe it will give some others some insiration to make other egg type forms. I always likes to keep it simple myself. If too much is done in an egg, you may bring bugs or extra undue size to your product. This demo will also show how to play a WAV in a LOOP from the resource file (even though there are tons of examples of that here).
VB_Chat v2.0 24/7 PSC/VB Chat room update A VB Resource, chat with other people about VB. A Totally new protocol involved now! You will be able to see the other online users. File Sending and Private messeges Comin Soon!
Array Manipulation The reason why i did this is to show newbies how to interact and use arrays on their future projects. As we all know arrays are a very usefull thing when used right. Check it out you will learn from it... :-D
Signature and Handwriting recognition H friends, after a loooong break finally I am back with something interesting to show. This time around is a Signature and Handwriting recognition software that rotates around the concepts of Artificial Intelligence. Anveshak is an attempt to make the computer "intelligent" enough to be able to analyze and classify hand written characters and input patterns. It analyzes the input pattern in terms of its graphical information as well as the speed with which it was inputted. This concept can be used in various fields like PDAs, security systems, training and many more and thus enhancing the process of human computer interaction (HCI). I assertively hope that this effort will serve its purpose as a tool to enhance the existing systems involving HCI, handling security issues and training. I shall be obliged to receive your suggestions and Votes ;-)about this System.. Regards, Vikrant Thakker (000445495) The command buttons used in this program are certainly not created by me, and i give full credit to who-so-ever may be the author of those buttons...
Form Scrolling Component This control will allow you to add scrolling capabilities to any form. Rather than having to enter all that monotonous code each time you need to scroll a form, just use this component. It adds both horoizontal and vertcal scrollbars to the form with only 3 lines of code. The demonstration program included shows you exactly how to use this magnificent control. Also included is a brief help file covering most areas. If you like this then please vote. Thanks Ehtan
RTF Control with Spellchecker This control is a complete Controll with Toolbars spell verification, hyperlinks, Undofunction and other
Updated Iscombo2 new function The ISCombo is updated New feautures (not in the samples): Use the MaximumItems to tell how much items there may be in the iscombo. -1 is infinit. You can even change it when the iscombo is already full. For example if there are 10 items in and you change Maximumitems to 5 then there will be 5 removed according to your MaxEceeded for example if that one said OverWriteFirst then the first 5 will be removed. Use MaxExceeded to tell what happens when the MaximumItems will be exceeded. For example: OverWriteFirst, DOntAdd, OverWriteLast or OverWriteRandom Use AcceptDoubles to say if a user can add doubles in the box Use CaseSensitiveAcceptDoubles to tell if Hello is the same as HEllo (watch the E). Use Clear to clear the whole iscombo at once Check it out on:;=1
Break IP Adress This code will show you how to break up a IP Adress in 2 parts. very useful and simple code A MUST SEE...
Get file name only Get the file name without an extension. Eg. strT = GetFilename("C:\Test.txt") strT contains "Test.txt" If you only want the filename then strT = GetNameonly("C:\Test.txt") strT contains "Test"
Chat Program (Client) This is my first try at creating a chat program so it is only a test ok. And I am not using winsock... well kinda something like it.
ASP Server CGI I am working on an Open Source Web Server ( written in Delphi and Visual Basic that supports PHP, Perl and ASP. This is the ASP CGI that turns ASP scripts into the actual page that is being sent to the client. I admit this is a little difficult step into without knowing the "in's and out's" of the server itself. I submited this because I see alot of people attempting to make ASP servers. Basically this is called by the server and formats the ASP script into a web page. I did not submit a image with this because as you can see the GUI is nothing fancy. Just Load the Program and click the "Go" button - then examine the code.
Installing two copies of Windows 9x and Switching The Second copy will help you test Setups, install and run trial versions, or something new whose use in your work is yet to be established. I needed it a lot and I'm sure most do. An uninstall leaves you with many nag screens, files and registry entries back there and a clean format of the hard drive becomes essential. This spare installation can be clean formatted anytime and a new clean install can be performed any time you feel you had enough.
NespaPlayerX v1.0a A music player activex that you can use it for mixing mp3 or wav files.
Voice Code Tutor Learn to code voice applications step by step as you watch the code being built (which you can cut and paste into your own project (the project will do this for you too, if you want). I have included working samples. This demo project covers text to speech and coding mouth properties; the full version covers dictation, voice recognition, etc.

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