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Welcome to the reviews section. I added this feature in August 2001 due to the many requests that I was having at the time, and has steadily grown. 

Whilst there are many hundreds of websites and online resources for game programming, books are still of great importance - every games programmer should have (and probably will have) several of the books listed here. The presentation, and in-depth nature of a book often wins hands-down over even the best websites available online.

Secondly, software - it costs lots of money, yet is crucial in almost everything we do as programmers! and I wont believe anyone who's said they've bought an expensive piece of software without consulting friends/colleagues/reviews first...


Microsoft Visual Studio .Net
Microsoft Corporation

The latest evolution in the most fundamental software used by programmers all over the world. Here is a special 6-page review aimed specifically towards games/multimedia programming.


Tricks of the Windows Game Programming Gurus'
Andre' LaMothe

A solid, all-round book on game programming.
Game Programming Gems Volume 1
Various Authors, Edited by Mark Deloura

An excellent resource for intermediate-advanced game developers looking for new tricks.

Game Programming Gems Volume 2
Various Authors, Edited by Mark Deloura

Another excellent resource, continuing along the path laid down by volume 1
Game Programming with Visual Basic
Clayton Walnum

A good book for beginner/intermediate VB game developers just getting started / wanting to start.

Game Architecture and Design
Andrew Rollings and Dave Morris

An essential read for anyone looking to seriously/properly manage their project and/or team and to streamline the development process
3D Game Art f/x and Design
Luke Ahearn

A good book for those who need to brush-up on their artistic skills, or need to learn some new ones.

3D Studio Max R3 in Depth / 3DS Max 4 in Depth
Rob Polevoi and Jon McFarland

A great resource if you need to learn how to do 3D modelling using  industry- standard software (note: this is a joint review of two seperate books)
Photoshop 6.0 in Depth
David Xenakis and Benjamin Levisay

An excellent book covering the industry standard 2D graphics program.

DirectX8 and Visual Basic Development
Keith Sink

A general overview of DirectX8 for VB in book form
Beginning Direct3D Game Programming
Wolfgang F. Engel and Amir Geva

A great resource for Direct3D programming

Special Effects Game Programming with DirectX
Mason McCuskey

An excellent book covering the more advanced topics of DirectX8 game programming
Isometric Game Programming with DirectX 7.0
Ernest Pazera

The book to own/read if you're wanting to use an isometric graphics engine in your game.

Visual Basic Game Programming with DirectX
Jonathon S. Harbour

A great book on VB game programming, that really does the subject justice.

Programming Role Playing Games with DirectX
Jim Adams

Possibly the best technical manual for any budding (or experienced) RPG programmer

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