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TestMySQL v1.0 - How to connect to MySQL using PHP Simple example how to connect to MySQL using PHP language.
DownloadNttPhpF v1.0 You can have a list of shared files (for download) on your website. No MySQL required. Easy to use.
GuestBookNTTPHP v1.2 Simple GuestBook using PHP language. No MySQL required.
GuestBookMySQL v1.1 Simple GuestBook using PHP connect to MySQL
myphptemplate To speed up application based on php and mysql
PHP Clever Encryption Encrypt PHP Scripts that are difficult to decrypt using simple base64encode and ZLIB.
Base 64 Base 64 is an encryption algorithims still used by many services. Very easy to decode and encode with php. I wrote this little script to give myself a quick method! If you can easily encrypt, they can decrypt it.
num2txt.php This code will convert a number to a text string/sentence.
isOdd Function Simply checks if a number is even or odd.
File Version Management in PHP File upload is a process of copying the file from your machine to the remote server. Other users of the system then share this file by viewing / downloading. What happens when you upload a file, that already exists in the remote folder to which you are uploading? Does the program needs you to upload a new version of the document? or Do you want to replace the existing document? This article is written keeping the above two constraints as the base and other constraints, you can find in the background of the article.
PHP/MySQL Login Tutorial Creates a PHP/MySQL Script for a Simple Login System.
Directory Lister 2 this is a new version of my earier directory lister. this version passes directory vars encrypted making it more secure! Added file sorting by alphabetical order.
EZ-Articles v1.0 The Simplest way to publish your articles online! -Publish Articles with just one click! -Supports attachment with each article -Fully customizable using css and templates -NO NEED OF MYSQL. -Create/Edit/Manage all posts from admin -"Send to a friend" option for articles -Supports SMILIES! :) -X articles / page feature -Powerful Search -Easy one-click printing support -Voting/Rating feature! -Hide/Unhide articles [Freeze] -META tag support -FAST, POWERFUL BACKUP system. Everything you need!! For those who want to keep it small and simple! DOWNLOAD THE ZIPFILE!
Sql-Tester and System Check for Windows SQL-TESTER is easy application to test your queryes, Add Databases, delete Databases and more.But SQL-TESTER it only for Windows becouse it has include a System Check Made by RedShift and it run only in windows. Thx (RedShift) great code. Hope this application helps other newbye like me.
Currency Amount to (English) Words Converter Converts currency amount (digits) to words
n-12 News Ultra n-12 News Ultra is a full news management system. Featuring: templating, administration panel, forum integration for commenting, custom emoticons and avatars.
Anphin Image Gallery The purpose of the Image Gallery is to allow webmasters to easily and quickly maintain potentially large archives of images of any kind. There is no need to be concerned of outdated data in the database or dozens of links breaking because you changed the name of a directory. All links are generated on the fly with the results of reading /galleries/ directory relative to the gallery.php file and gallery names are derived from the directories there. It has a config file where many elements of the script can be modified to meet different sites needs. A running example of this script is at A brief list of features: * Divides galleries into pages based on config directives. You determine the number of images displayed per row and the number of images displayed per page. * Can open images in new window. Or not, depending on a config setting. * Can override thumbnail sizes to values specified in config file. * Template-based, completely customizable interface. If you think my script merits it, please vote for me.
PHP File Manager This code allows a user to upload files and manage directories. It also allows a user to upload files, easily create HTML files online, and rename, delete, or edit files.
Dynamic Font Generation Create text graphics on the fly using GD and freetype libraries. Supports any TrueType font and allows size, color, and bgcolor specification. Also has built in support for date formatting. Examples can be found at
htaccess membership control This is a relatively simple script to allow you to manage usernames and passwords for a protected folder using .htaccess and .htpasswd files.

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