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Digital download shopping cart mod
Bid Request Id: 16213
Bookmark in my 'To Do' list
Posted by: Lee Restarick (2 ratings)
(Software buyer rating 10)
('Non-action' Ratio: None - 0%)
Posted: May 13, 2002
9:39:46 AM EDT
Bidding Closes: May 27, 2002
10:07:33 AM EDT
Viewed (by coders): 346 times
Deadline: 7/15/2002
100% of work was accepted by buyer. Coder account has been credited.
Max Accepted Bid: Bidding is closed
Project Type: Small Business Project: $100 (USD) +
Bidding Type: Open Auction
Categories: Database, MultiMedia, Visual Basic, ASP
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(0 active users at Mar 20, 2003 11:15:36 AM EDT)

Company overview...

One man band, selling licensed MIDI files and MP3's.

Current website..

ASP based shopping cart mainly coded by myself, run off 3 seperate Access databases, 1 for MIDI files, 1 for MP3's and another for offline transactions (Tracks transferred to CD or Minidisc) sent via post.

My cart doesn't currently include a payment processing system. (OK for CD's and Minidiscs, because if the card is bad the item doesn't get sent). But regarding the downloadable files, the tracks gets added to the cart, card is checked by a basic asp card vaildation code and once submitted the customer is sent to a URL with links to download. I then receive an email and process the card offline, generally after the customer has downloaded the tracks. NOT VERY SECURE AT ALL. But I must admit I haven't had too much problem with this.

I have recently tried to incorporate a credits system where the customer buys credits (per file). I have a dll which allows me to place the purchasable files into a non public folder. This also recognises the extension (.mid, .mp3). The client can then download until credits have expired.

Solution needed..

I would like to integrate my 3 databases into one. Incorporate a payment system for purchasing credits and on validation parse the info back to the database. Paypal will be fine for starters, but may like to change to a more UK based system in the future.
I can supply my current cart for an idea of the current look and facilities that are already implemented and will be need to be kept eg. lost passwords, sign in, wishlist. My administration section will also need to be recoded, so i know what client has ordered what items on completion of credit use per order. I would like a complete new look and design on your recommendations and ideas. My current cart code is quite messy but gives you an idea on what currently works and gives you ideas on how to improve.

Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done.

Complete copyrights to all work purchased.

I use IIS5 and perl. My hosting company does allow registration of private DLL's. I also have my own SSL cert.

Must be 100% finished and received by buyer on:

Jul 15, 2002 EDT
Deadline legal notes: All times are expressed in the time zone of the site EDT (UT - 5). If the buyer omitted a time, then the deadline is 11:59:59 PM EDT on the indicated date.

Remember that contacting the other party outside of the site (by email, phone, etc.) on all business projects < $500 (before the buyer's money is escrowed) is a violation of both the software buyer and seller agreements. We monitor all site activity for such violations and can instantly expel transgressers on the spot, so we thank you in advance for your cooperation. If you notice a violation please help out the site and report it. Thanks for your help.
All monetary amounts on the site are in United States dollars.
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Date   Coder Rating  
This bid was accepted by the buyer!
Maxnet Technologies Private Limited
(31 ratings)
in Saddlebrook, New Jersey
United States
Bid id: 177,147
$500 (USD) May 14, 2002
9:57:54 AM EDT

We are a sister concern of an US based firm and located in India.
We have a strong team of professionals working with us who are Microsoft and Sun certified having more then 3 years of experience. Also our designers are certified in their respective feilds like Flash etc.
We have already implemented an online payment gateway fo our Australian Client thru the Camtech Merchant Server thru the SSL.
ALso we have completed a shopping cart usuing ASP / MS SQL, where the Admin can add new items along with the description and price. The Admin section is very flexible.
We have also done a portal for trading which comsists of online buying for stocks / bullion market / commodities.
We went thru your refrence site and assure you a great site with fantastic design and graphics.
We recommend that you start the site with a small Flash introduction with good sound effects which would attract the user.
please turn on your speakers to enjoy the sound effects
please let me kow if you need any further details from us.
Thanx and looking forward to work with you.

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to/from Maxnet Technologies Private Limited.

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