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Border Graphics
By CFC on May 6
Max Bid: $20

Marketing Documents Work
By Tometa Software, Inc. on May 6
Max Bid: Open to fair suggestions

help with .mov files
By Alvin Rogers on May 6
Max Bid: Open to fair suggestions

multi threaded smtp server
By hoodle on May 5
Max Bid: Open to fair suggestions

ASP Shopping Cart w/ Paypal solution
By lindenmj on May 5
Max Bid: $50

Linux Server Setup
By QUIET on May 5
Max Bid: Open to fair suggestions

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.NET Public Junk Email List - Updated
Bid Request Id: 15793
Bookmark in my 'To Do' list
Posted by: Tometa Software, Inc. (27 ratings)
(Software buyer rating 9.62)
Non-action Ratio: Very Good - 10.94%
Posted: May 8, 2002
3:58:02 PM EDT
Bidding Closes: May 15, 2002 EDT
Viewed (by coders): 552 times
Deadline: 6/15/2002
All funds have been escrowed. Waiting for work to be completed by coder.
Max Accepted Bid: Bidding is closed
Project Type: Medium Business Project: $500 (USD) +
Bidding Type: Open Auction
Categories: Windows, Language Specific, Platforms, MS Exchange, C#, Visual Basic .Net
Enter chat room for this bid request
(0 active users at May 6, 2003 5:20:46 AM EDT)

The idea behind this software is to have a junk email sender list that is public so multiple users can post new junk email addresses and the junk filter can read the public lists to eliminate the emails before or after they are downloaded.

1) Must be written in VB.NET or C#

2) Public Email Junk List can be stored on:
a) SQL Server Database (Must include a setup routine in the software)
b) Access Database (Accessible via UNC)
c) Personal Web Site (Caches names, cache should be configurable), read only, no posting
d) Tometasoftware Web Site, read only, no posting, must pass a preset username and password to allow for access

3) Must be fast and be able to handle server disconnects from database and POP server

4) Can POP Mail and delete before message arrives or delete on message arrival.

5) Will plug into Exchange Server 2000 (run as a service), Outlook 98, 2000, and XP (as icon), and/or run separately as a system tray icon that kills mail at the POP level for users without Outlook or Exchange.

6) Outlook plug in should have a tool that allows you to quickly add a sender to the public junk list by right clicking and/or clicking a toolbar icon, this should simply run a stub executable that accepts an email to add as a parameter.

7) Preferably all operations should be separate assemblies to allow for maximum flexibility.

8) Manager components will allow you to create new databases, assign databases, create users that can read and/or write to the database

9) Option to “Mark as Read” (Default) when deleting so Outlook does not show unread items in the Deleted Items folder

10) Help File

11) Setup Routine in InstallShield Developer 7.0 + that will allow you to set up client components and/or manager components and include all options for setup, database, etc.

12) This should be of commercial quality, i.e. all options should be configurable through an options screen, etc. etc.

13) Advanced rules like filter on text in subject line, from host filter, filter on message, filter on sender, etc. should also be present. Standard Mail Filtering rules with = , <>, Contains, etc. comparisons

Before the project can begin you must fax and fax to (509) 271-3711

Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done.

Complete copyrights to all work purchased.


Must be 100% finished and received by buyer on:
Jun 15, 2002 EDT
Deadline legal notes: All times are expressed in the time zone of the site EDT (UT - 5). If the buyer omitted a time, then the deadline is 11:59:59 PM EDT on the indicated date.

Special Conditions / Other:
Should be completed by 6/5/2002 if possible

All monetary amounts on the site are in United States dollars.
Rent a Coder is a closed auction, so coders can only see their own bids and comments. Buyers can view every posting made on their bid requests.

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Name   Bid Amount 
Date   Coder Rating  
This bid was accepted by the buyer!
Perfectly FlawLess
(4 ratings)
in Lahore, Punjab
Bid id: 171,914
$700 (USD) May 9, 2002
3:48:07 AM EDT
Please do have a look at

a site that is specially designed especially for our clients. we have also recently developed a web site and please visit it here (PHP, My sql)

also visit this website

We are a group of dedicated professionals working together to form a competetive team.
We have developed complex business applications like Inventory System, Intelligent Robot, Image downloader, Email Checking Utility.
we have a lot of expertise in building web based solutions. that solutions vary from sipmle static web pages to complex web based bussiness application services. our major areas of expertise are

  • Workflow Management systems(Mutlilingual, Reports)
  • Email Systems (SMTP, POP, Uploading... etc)
  • Instant Messaging Environments(proprietory protocols have been defined for http tunneling. we have developed a client for MSN messenger as well)
  • Content management System (News/artcile publishing, unpublishing, content gathering... etc)

  See 11 private reply(ies)
to/from Perfectly FlawLess.

Perfectly FlawLess
(4 ratings)
in Lahore, Punjab
Bid id: 171,918
N/A May 9, 2002
3:53:34 AM EDT
Dear Sir, I must tell you that we have been working as an offshore developement team since 1998. we have our parent team in france and we are running sucessfully. By using an offshore development model, we just assure our clients the cost effective solutions with reliable and robust applications. if you work with us and hire us as an offshore developement team, you will then come to know that our model of working is so accurate that we virtually feel like we are working in a same building and in a same office.

We achieve this by high speed internet connections and we have constant online availabilty to our clients using written chat, voice chat and video confernces (if required). We also have a VPN (virtual private network) set up with our counterpart companies. We are also maintaining their databases as well as web sites from offshore.

We can also present you a lot of demos. we present you the following demos:

  1. ITSPA EMAIL (trial verions with limmitations)
  2. online demo of workflow management system(TRAM)
  3. online demo of Content management Tool
  4. Online Bookmarks (
  5. Store Inventory System

we have also developed Web based email system, inteligent robots, Image downloader, Email Checking Utility, Rental system, Java based instant messaging software as well as a msn compliant chat client but due to inavailability of the demo versions i can not send them to you.

i'm however confident that the demos of the applications listed above will credibly show you how capable we are.

Thanks and please message me soon

BrainSoft Technologies, Inc.

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