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Newest Open Bid Requests.
simple C assignment
By kababoom on May 19
Max Bid: $7

Sales analysis with Access database
By 2good2 on May 19
Max Bid: Open to fair suggestions

Online Scheduling
By azhar123 on May 19
Max Bid: $2,500

Modify Existing USB Driver To Work With WIndows CE
By Brian_B on May 19
Max Bid: $1,300

VB6 ActiveX control conversion to ATL
By CIAWillis on May 19
Max Bid: $1,500

VB6 project
By WIMG, Inc. on May 19
Max Bid: $150

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About fjones

author picture
Name:  fjones
(see 17 ratings)
  in Boston, Massachusetts
United States

Seller / Coder Rating:  9.11 (Superb)
Sign up date:  Aug 16, 2002 6:14:49 AM EDT
Last Logged In:  May 18, 2003 4:31:22 PM EDT
Jobs Started:  19
Jobs Completed:  18
Missed Status Report
Warnings Issued:
Arbitrations Lost:  (out of 3 Arbitrations)
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Areas Of Expertise: 
  • C++
  • Java
  • Visual Basic/VBA
  • MS Office: Access, Excel, etc


I am a student at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, majoring in Computer Science.

My programming experience comes from a variety of sources.

  • Since I am still a student, there is my classroom experience. This makes me a particularly good candidate for those tricky assignments that you might require help with. I can deliver well-documented code to aid you in your understanding with your particular assignment.
  • I also have professional experience. I worked at Schlumberger ( as a summer intern where I helped design a GUI using VBA and Excel for a program that aided in the simulation of deviated well systems. I am also working in the Media Lab here at MIT ( designing a program as part of some exciting research.
  • There is also my freelance experience, both with RentACoder and otherwise. You can view my RAC ratings below. My other freelance experience includes such things as designing a database for a small business owner from scratch, as well as helping a Harvard research group design an experiment using a Java.

Here's what you can expect from me when I am working on your project.

  • I will deliver your project on-time if not earlier.
  • I will deliver it to meet your needs.
  • There will be a constant dialogue between us to clarify any details or concerns.
  • Your project will be given my top priority.
  • After completion, if anything happens, feel free to contact me for advice, or changes.

I pride myself on keeping buyers happy. Thank you for taking the time to read my profile.

- Fabian Jones

Rent A Coder Work History
All ratings and comments are the opinion of the poster and do not reflect the official view of Rent A Coder.

Rated For Rated By Rating Bid Amount Rated On
  Java personal help ify20 9
$18.00 April 22, 2003 2:46:53 PM EDT
  Airline Reservation System on VB.Net Hopapu 10
$40.00 April 4, 2003 1:09:04 PM EDT
  On time delivery. Good work!!
  Pretty Easy Java Project bootymcnugget 10
$24.99 March 30, 2003 2:09:57 PM EDT
  VERY VERY FAST WORK. Project was done almost literally within moments of being posted. Highly recommend this coder for java work. Also recommend giving bonuses :)
  Bonus for fjones marwms None Given $12.00 March 17, 2003 8:28:52 PM EDT
  Homework marwms 10
$13.00 March 17, 2003 8:26:28 PM EDT
  fjones was great to work with. He provided a great program within a very short timeframe. Great documentation!
  quick ip list parsing stevenjr21 6
(Above Average)
$13.00 February 16, 2003 10:38:34 AM EDT
  Visual Basic skarwood 10
$25.00 February 4, 2003 1:07:05 PM EDT
  Fjones did an outstanding on The Visual Basic Program that he did for me. Thanks so much!
  Assaignment4 jman114 10
$20.00 January 23, 2003 12:16:32 AM EDT
  Good WOrk. But Dont send Him anything during Finals Times. Because he goes to school as well and will do his work before yours.. Which can be expected.
  Homework assaignment jman114 10
$10.00 January 23, 2003 12:15:42 AM EDT
  Good Work. Fast Timing
  Assignment 5 jman114 10
$20.00 January 23, 2003 12:15:21 AM EDT
  Good work
  How are you jman114 None Given $20.00 November 21, 2002 8:45:40 PM EDT
  class/array bettyboop 10
$13.00 November 15, 2002 6:56:22 PM EDT
  checking and savings program homework assignment wayne77157715 8
(Very Good)
$13.00 November 15, 2002 12:46:44 PM EDT
  Slot Machine aaronad 9
$20.00 October 28, 2002 10:24:47 PM EDT
  The program was great and very helpful.
  logo update Customer Support Excellence 10
$13.00 October 15, 2002 11:24:43 PM EDT
  nice job with our graphics and good speed.
  HELP International Business PAPER x-linux 10
$12.00 October 15, 2002 2:42:26 AM EDT
  after all, this coder is not bad, trus me you can see my rating i know how to rate poeple, so this coder is very good, deliver on time and easy to talk too
afterward this coder consider excellent
  Function to output formatted columns for fixed-width fonts Ian Ippolito (RAC) 3
$22.50 October 10, 2002 10:18:50 AM EDT
  The coder did not complete the project by the deadline.
  Music Library File Renamer Michael Dinger 10
$35.00 October 6, 2002 7:48:37 PM EDT
  random passwords(for fjones) dkeener635 10
$15.00 August 30, 2002 5:20:40 PM EDT
  He did an excellent job with the program. Was very prompt with communications and completed the program to my exact specifications. I would recommend his work highly.
Average:   9.11

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