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Implementation database
By Mohammed khan on May 1
Max Bid: $15

Need a translation of code written in PERL to (jav ...
By frank1rizzo on May 1
Max Bid: $15

By jilani_787 on May 1
Max Bid: Open to fair suggestions

website with shopping cart
By rebel1012 on May 1
Max Bid: Open to fair suggestions

Linux Articles
By aaronb on May 1
Max Bid: Open to fair suggestions

C++ Assignment
By Mewick on May 1
Max Bid: $15

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About StudentAlex

Name: StudentAlex 
  in New Orleans, Louisiana
United States
Seller Rating:  10 (Excellent)
(see 13 ratings)
Sign up date: Feb 6, 2002 3:31:41 PM EDT
Last Logged In:  unknown EDT

Current Record:
Non-cancelled:  20 Bid Requests
Bids Accepted On:  20 Bid Requests
Work Accepted and Paid:  20 Bid Requests

'Non-action' Ratio:
(What is this?)
(Very Good - 8.33%)

This buyer did not select a coder on 1 out of 12 bid requests which is less non-actions than the average buyer (who does so on 48.86%). Private auctions are not counted in these stats.

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Arbitrations Lost:  (out of 1 Arbitrations)
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Rent A Coder Bid Request History
All ratings and comments are the opinion of the poster and do not reflect the official view of Rent A Coder.

Rated For Rated By Rating Rated On
  C++ program in phases HErcuLese None Given November 27, 2002 6:21:06 PM EDT
  Bonus for ambrose on 11/17/2002 11:36:04 PM ambrose None Given November 17, 2002 11:39:29 PM EDT
  Easy UDP/TCP Project ambrose 10
November 4, 2002 12:35:51 PM EDT
  Prompt responses to my bid, emails, and code submissions. Excellent buyer, it was a privilege working with him.
  Very simple MIPS program DEN! None Given October 10, 2002 1:38:36 PM EDT
  Another C program pickingapples None Given October 5, 2002 1:39:49 PM EDT
  C++ Homework Project pickingapples 10
September 20, 2002 7:15:38 PM EDT
  I really enjoyed working with this buyer. Excellent specifications, great communication, prompt payment. Highly recommended!
  UNIX HELP pickingapples 10
September 20, 2002 7:12:55 PM EDT
  Another great opportunity to work for this buyer. As always everything was perfect.
  School Program in C Alex K 10
September 19, 2002 5:30:17 PM EDT
  Great buyer. The best buyer I've ever worked with.
  Bonus for Alex K on 9/18/2002 5:03:01 PM Alex K None Given September 18, 2002 5:05:23 PM EDT
  GREAT JOB! pickingapples 10
May 26, 2002 6:21:32 AM EDT
  As always it was a pleasure working with StudentAlex. Excellent buyer indeed. Hope to work for you again!
  As per discusses pickingapples 10
May 26, 2002 6:18:21 AM EDT
  Definitely the nicest buyer I've worked with so far. Thanks.
  Private auction for <IMG SRC=> on 4/7/2002 5:42:50 AM Team Sgreen None Given April 7, 2002 6:16:12 AM EDT
  C++ Program pickingapples 10
April 5, 2002 5:29:51 AM EDT
  Every time I've worked with 'StudentAlex' everything was excellent! I'll bid for any her future projects with out any hesitation!
  C Program pickingapples 10
March 22, 2002 7:05:51 PM EDT
  Once again it was a pleasure working with.
  C++ Homework Problem - SORTS Team Sgreen 10
March 17, 2002 8:33:51 PM EDT
  would work with StudentAlex again.
  Chomsky Normal form - C++ pickingapples 10
March 12, 2002 5:35:33 AM EDT
  It was a pleasure working for StudentAlex. Everything was perfect. I would highly recommend this buyer to anyone!
  Small Prolog Homework Program Team Sgreen 10
February 25, 2002 2:09:48 PM EDT
  I look forward to working with StudentAlex again on another project. All my questions were answered promptly and I did not have to wait long for the payment.
  C++ Recursion & Iteration Program Smart Pin 10
February 9, 2002 2:40:45 AM EDT
  Very serious buyer. Prompt paying. I would be very happy to work for him again!
February 7, 2002 3:27:09 PM EDT
  A most excellent buyer to work with/for. Most definitely would bid on any future projects. Extremely quick in signing off acceptance of completed project.
  Bonus pickingapples None Given  EDT
Average:   10.00

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