Rent A Coder
Buyer Rating Scale

     Buyers are ranked on a scale of 1-10. The score is awarded by the coder on the project (and/or Rent A Coder in the event of an arbitration). The following scoring chart was instituted on 7/3/2003.

What they did:

Below Average
Above Average 
Very Good
Did not respond to arbitration
or was uncooperative
Did not complete project / lost arbitration   x x x                
Completed project         x x x x x x x  
Communication skills were good...requests were clear           x x x x x x  
Hands on--made time during the project to provide feedback on questions and guide the project             x x x x x  
Accurate / Decisive: Answered questions thoroughly, accurately and completely               x x x x  
Stayed within specs (or paid extra for work outside of specs)               x x x x  
Understood and respected the principle of the software development triangle*                 x x x  
Accepted work promptly once fully completed                   x x  
Was open to  suggestions from the coder                     x  

*The principle of the software development triangle states that any project had three parts (like 3 sides to triangle).  They are:

     A buyer who puts pressure on one or more of the 3 sides (for example, adds features), must allow the coder to increase one of the other sides (give the coder more time or give the coder more resources).  Failure to do this shows a lack of respect for the principle of the triangle.